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Renault think to hire 3,000 new employees on permanent contracts in 3 years –

On the job front, Renault is a company that is iconic in France. In the balance of the new agreement of competitiveness in negotiation with the trade unions, the automaker recently offered to create a 3,000 IDUS by the end of 2019…

( — The car manufacturer Renault has just proposed to its unions to recruit 3,000 people on permanent contracts in France, between 2017 and 2019. The management of the group intends to distribute half of these new employees at the heart of its factories. The other part of these recruits would be dispatched according to the needs of the whole group. It is for the automaker to hang on to unions, a new agreement of competitiveness, a successor to the one, covering the period 2014-2016.

Reduce the temps

In principle, these recruitments are mainly based on the massive reduction in the number of temporary work contracts. A volume of production equivalent, Renault plans to reduce at least by half the number of temporary work contracts between January 1, 2017 and end 2019. The builder also proposes to support the employment of young people. It is committed to sign on the period 6.000 contracts young people, trainees and interns. These contracts constitute the main recruitment pool of the CDI announced.

employment Deficit

With this CDI, the renault brand takes a little of height on the theme of employment. Indeed, over the period 2014-2016 from the previous previous agreement, Renault is said to have recruited 3,000 people in the commission, but in the data net business, the number of employees fell to 7.200. The policy continues to be downsizing, Renault has, for example, to bring the group of 63,000 people in 2007 in france 45.580 currently for Renault SAS and its industrial subsidiaries in france. This reorganization of the workforce has notably reduced the number of employees of Flins 4,700 to 2,200 in 10 years.

Unlike the first agreement of competitiveness negotiated, Renault has not formally quantified the number of departures that accompanied the recomposition of the workforce of this new project.

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