Friday, November 4, 2016

Renault offers the 3,000 new hires in France over three years – The Parisian

Le Renault group has proposed Friday the hiring of 3,000 new employees on permanent contracts in France within three years and the halving of the rate of temporary workers, a goal deemed “inadequate” by the unions.
half of The new hires is anticipated in the manufacturing sites, said the management in a press release, which is currently negotiating with unions for a new enterprise agreement.
“The proposals fall short of what we want”, said to AFP Franck August, delegate of the central CFDT. Trade union calls for 4.500 recruitments to cope with the expected drop in the number of temporary workers.
Even the sound of a bell at Bruno Azières, of the CFE-CGC (1 st union), who deplores the fact that “hiring is not a lever of the reduction in the number of temporary workers”, as estimated by the unions between 8.500 and 9.000 on the manufacturing sites, where their proportion reached on average 50%.
According to the calculations of the CFE-CGC, these recruitments will recoup just the number of natural attrition (retirement, resignation, death) for the next three years. With staff permanent and stable and a division of the number of temporary workers two by two, “we’ll have to do the same volume with fewer people”, regrets the CFE-CGC.
Interviewed by the AFP on the natural attrition expected during the same period, the directorate did not provide figures.
The CRT, it, feared “a worsening of working conditions” despite the € 500 million investment promised at the end of October. It claimed a total of 9,000 new hires to compensate for the jobs lost during the previous agreement in 2013. T he latter, according to management, will lead to the end of 2016, by 9.200 departures over three years and 3,000 new hires (compared to 730 initially planned), part of which will be completed in 2017.
Laurent Smolnick (FO) acknowledged that his union “would like to even more hires” while welcoming “a figure for a first proposal (which) is not really negligible.”
for comparison, the PSA is committed to 1,000 hiring into permanent contracts for the next three years in its latest multi-year agreement, signed during the summer.
The direction of Renault, who wants to come to an agreement before mid-December, also offers 6.000 contracts young people, trainees and interns, at the rate of 2,000 per year. Stable compared to recent years, according to it.
Another theme discussed in the dialogue around the quality of the work. On this point, which she describes as “revolution”, the CFDT was very excited, even if “the means of implement ation still to be discussed”. “It was one of our demands, with, for example, the creation of a time of expression for employees, on their ability to do their job well,” says the delegate CFDT. FO evokes a “project hyper-ambitious” whose effects will not be felt only in the long term.
The proposal was received more coolly by the CGT and the CFE-CGC, skeptical of its realization. “It seems to me complicated to apply, given the mentality of some,” said Xavier Raynaud, delegate, central assistant of the CGT.
This project of evolution of managerial practices will be part of the next meeting on November 15.
In the scope of the agreement (Renault SAS and seven industrial subsidiaries), Renault were about 35,000 employees at the end of 2015.


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