Sunday, November 6, 2016

Paris – Sarkozy wants the entrepreneurs to be able to ban any religious sign – The Express

I hope that it gives the power to the head of the company to prohibit any expression of religious proselytism in his business“, said the candidate in the primary from the right, who was interviewed in “Sunday politics” on France 3.

asked if it should allow the ban of all religious signs, he replied: “if the employer and if the company want“.

I am the head of the company to be able to do it, in the same way that I am absolutely decided to ban the burkini on the beaches of France” repeated Mr. Sarkozy. “We are a secular country, we have a problem with islam, an activist, a policy which tests the resistance of the Republic, we have fellow muslims who have every right to live their religion and who want to live quietly“, he added.

The former head of State, was interviewed on the eve of the presentation by the ministry of Labour a guide to the religious fact in business, to help employees and employers cope with the situations encountered in the workplace.

Currently, the internal regulations of a company may be prevented from wearing the veil, the kippa or the turban sikh if these outfits have a “consequence in terms of safety, or sanitation or organization of the work“, but “not because of (their) religious“.


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