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iTELE: a strike without precedent in the audiovisual industry since May ‘ 68 – The Point

The government has invited in the folder iTELE receiving Monday noon the leaders of the string to try to resolve this conflict, unprecedented in the history of the audiovisual industry since May 1968.

Just before this meeting between the ministers of Culture and of Labour and the leaders of iTELE, the employees of the news channel streaming Canal+ group had shown their “determination” in continuing their movement until Tuesday at noon for a day 30.

Started on the 17th of October, this conflict will exceed in length the one who had paralyzed Radio France in 2015. RFI was experienced in 2009 a movement longer, who had disrupted his antenna for nearly two months, but without causing total paralysis of the programs.

The extension of the strike has been approved by 84% of the writing iTELE (87 in favour, 11 abstentions, 5 against), according to the strikers. “As we enter our fifth week of strike, very determined and very united,” they wrote on their Twitter account (@greve_i).

They are asking for guarantees of editorial on their independence, in particular, an ethical charter, and the appointment of a chief editor of the independent of the director-general. It is currently Serge Nedjar that assumes this dual role, a man described as “brutal”, which crystallizes now the tensions within the editorial.

The strikers are also calling for the definition of a strategic project and editorial “clear and precise” for the chain of continuous information, in serious economic difficulties and loss of hearing.

The shelving of Jean-Marc Morandini, host of the controversial indicted in a case of corruption of minors, whose arrival had set the fire to the powder, is now passed to the second plan of the claims.

- ‘Unlocking the crisis’ -

The minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri and the minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay met this Monday at the ministry of Labour Gérald-Brice Viret, director-general of the antennas of Canal+, Stéphane Roussel, director general in charge of operations of Vivendi group (owner of Canal+), and Jean-Christophe Thiery, president of the management board of Canal+ group, to try to initiate a mediation.

“We hope that this appointment will allow us to unblock this crisis,” said on France Inter Antoine Genton, president of the SDJ (société des journalistes) of iTELE.

“We have discussed with the management for the past four weeks, the discussions that are long, and slow. We hope this appointment will speed things up”, he continued.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, one has the impression that these contacts are not common enough to expect a rapid exit from the crisis”, he regretted.

Mrs Azoulay and El Khomri had already received last week the representatives of the staff. The minister of Culture was called the directorate to deliver on its “commitments” of editorial independence, while the minister of Labour had hoped to find “quickly” a settlement of the conflict.

The branch is for several days that a crisis is near, after having made several proposals to the strikers.

in particular, It proposes the best starting conditions for those who would like to leave the string and the appointment of assistants to Mr. Nedjar. Proposals deemed inadequate by the employees of the chain.

Since the beginning of this long strike, over a dozen journalists have left the chain (about 10% of the workforce).

For his part, the president of the superior Council of audiovisual (CSA), Olivier Schrameck, recalled on RTL on Sunday that the regulator could impose sanctions “very soon” (“a matter of weeks”) if the updates in the residences addressed in iTELE were not met. These demands were the establishment of an ethical committee and the issuance of Mr. Morandini.

“Mr. Vincent Bolloré (boss of Vivendi) let me know several times that he wanted to see me very shortly after all saints’ day. I am still waiting…” regretted Mr. Schrameck.

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