Monday, November 7, 2016

iTélé: employees to roll over the strike before being received by El Khomri – Le Figaro

workers begin their fourth week of strike, the second longest conflict in the audiovisual industry since 1968. The minister of Labour received on Monday afternoon for the first time. Vivendi’s management, for its part, provides better starting conditions for employees.

The employees of i-Tv voted Monday to renew their strike until Tuesday at noon for a 22nd day in a row off of work, before a meeting scheduled in the afternoon between three unions and the minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri, have announced the strikers. “We are still waiting for written proposals from the management, which does not manifest eagerness to get out of the conflict,” lamented Guillaume Auda, a spokesman for the strikers, following the renewal of the strike by 82% of the votes (76 in favour, 8 against, 9 abstentions). According to a close source quoted by AFP, the management of Vivendi group, owner of iTélé, has suggested that the best starting conditions for employees.

While they begin their fourth week of strike, the minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri will receive on Monday at 16: 30 the three unions of the string of info-streaming from Canal+ group. It will be the first meeting between a member of the government and representatives of the employees of the private channel, who called for the setting aside of the presenter Jean-Marc Morandini, the signature of an ethical charter, the appointment of an editorial director separate from the director-general, and, more widely, the definition of a strategic project and editorial “clear and precise”.

“After a year of obstacles repeated to staff representative bodies and to the inability of the social partners in social dialogue healthy and constructive dialogue with management, +Free, the CGT and the CFDT have requested the ministry of Labour in order that it put in place a social mediation in order to get out of this conflict in the observance of law and of the people,” says +Free, autonomous union and the majority of the group, in a press release published on Sunday. “We hope that through this we can finally assert the prerogatives of the trade unions and staff representative bodies to ensure that the law is respected within the company,” says the organization.

For the union, “this conflict is indicative of the malaise and poisonous climate that is installed within the group throughout the past year”. “The resumption in hand of the “Horns of information”, the disappearance of “Special Investigation”, the “zapping” and JT on the antennae of Canal+ highlight the pervasiveness of our shareholder Vincent Bolloré, editor’s NOTE) in the circuit of decisions,” laments the union, finding that “it is the image of the group that is now tainted”.


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