Thursday, November 17, 2016

Income taxes : the right temporarily blocked the socialists on the removal at the source – The World

The right has surprised the socialists in the Assembly, voting on an amendment temporarily blocking an article, and amendments relating to the deduction at source of tax on income.

The minister of economy and finance, Michel Sapin.

The right has surprised the socialists in the national Assembly, Thursday, November 17, at the end of a day’s coup de theatre during the consideration of the finance bill 2017. In effect, the members of the opposition have managed to “fall” temporarily article 38, a complex text relating to the implementation of the deduction at source of tax on income.

To adopt this system, which provides from the 1st January 2018 the collection of the tax on the income to the payment of the wages and not more than one year after, the government will be forced to proceed to a new vote at the end of the discussion, Thursday evening or Friday.

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An article would be considered “too complex” to right

The article 38 of the law which provides for the levy of tax at the source, that the right unanimous judge too ” complex “ and ” cost “ – words of the member of parliament Hervé Mariton (LR) – and that it wishes to challenge after the elections, has “collapsed” after the surprise passage – show of hands and a voice near – an amendment of Marie-Christine Dalloz to provide ” the monthly compulsory “, at the place of collection at the source (according to Bercy, this does not change the topic of the shift of the tax).

The adoption of this amendment did “fall” all of the following are deposited on the article in question, about 140, including some from government. The group The Republicans took advantage of the departure of some members of the majority.

Quick to congratulate himself on the ” suppression “ of the collection at the source, the deputies of the right have seen in the ” implementation of the minority “ of socialist ” a further proof of the failure of the government “.

A “second deliberation” required by the government

After a suspension of the meeting, the secretary of State for the budget Christian Eckert said that the government would ” a second deliberation “, will take place ” in the end of the examination of the text, as provided by the rules of the Assembly “. It will then be able to propose a global amendment to rewrite the article.

Previously, elected officials, and LR IDUS had forbidden in vain for a series of amendments for the deletion of the reform, however, rejected after a return flight from some socialist mps at voting time.

Lack of debate on the withholding at the source, the deputies have begun the examination of some 400 other amendments relating to the items “not attached” to the budget, the right defending again fiercely to their positions.

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