Thursday, November 3, 2016

Google’s response to new accusations that the european abuse of dominant position – The World

The giant of Silicon Valley is the subject of several charges, concerning in particular its price comparison Google Shopping and its Android mobile operating system.

The Commission investigation since 2010 on the practices of the company and its price comparison service, was sent in April 2015 a

The american giant Google has deemed Thursday, November 3, ” untrue “ the accusations of the EU, who is suspected of abusing its dominant position to systematically favouring its price comparison site in the results pages of its search engine.

false accusations ” from the point of view of the facts, the law and the economy “, writes Kent Walker, Google vice president, in a blog post, while the company is the target of several accusations the european abuse of dominant position, aiming, notably, Google Shopping, and the Android mobile operating system.

” The point of view of the Commission does not reflect the reality of the way people make purchases online “, says Google in this text, which summarizes its formal response sent Thursday to Brussels, and points to a vision dated to the uses of internet users.

” consumers not only search for products on a search engine before clicking on a price comparison site and clicking to a merchant site. “

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The weight of Amazon put in before

She regretted that the Commission’s ” fails to consider “ the space taken on the market by behemoths like Amazon, which, according to the search engine, have had a big impact on the traffic of certain websites, price comparators.

These comparators are ” less useful to the consumer “, ahead of Google, which explains why no be for nothing. the ” Our response demonstrates that online purchases are very competitive, with plenty of evidence supporting the conclusion of common sense that Google and many other sites are after Amazon “, concludes the american.

Google added that the price comparison that addressed complaints against the search engine are not representative of a ” large market “, a highly competitive one, where many of the actors in ” enter “, while other ” out “.

A formal charge in 2015

The Commission, which investigation since 2010 on the practices of the company on its price comparison service, addressed to him in April, 2015 a ” statement of objections “, the equivalent of an “indictment” in the jargon of brussels, completed in July 2016, after a first response of the giant of Silicon Valley.

” The Commission is concerned that users do not see necessarily the most relevant results in response to their queries, which will be detrimental to consumers and hinder innovation “, explained then the guardian of competition in the EU. According to it, ” the behavior of Google has weakened or marginalized by competition from its closest competitors “.

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