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Gas prices, winter break, gloves are mandatory… What changes on the 1st November – 20minutes.fr

November 1st, the ministry of Health is launching for the first time the “Me(s) without tobacco” to encourage smokers to quit. – pixabay

in November, its bridges, its fall colors and sunset earlier… Tuesday, this is the 1st of November. Winter break, increase in the price of gas… 20 Minutes made the tour of that changes this month.

the Beginning of winter break

The winter break begins Tuesday : until 31 march, eviction rental becomes impossible. In short, for households has been the subject of a “commandment to leave the premises,” thus begins a respite of five months.

In 2015, the evictions with the intervention of the forces of order have recorded a ” dark record “, with a leap of 24 % to 14.363, according to laFondation Abbé Pierre. The winter break what is it ? A landlord may not proceed himself to the expulsion of a tenant. It presents, in this case sentences of three years in prison and a € 30,000 fine for violation of domicile.

In addition, “if the date has required the tenant to leave his home and falls during the winter break, then the tenant may bind himself, but nobody can force them to leave the premises, nor the bailiff, nor the forces of order,” explains Pascal Thuet, a member of the national chamber of bailiffs to the AFP.

The truce was also observed for consumers of gas and electricity have not been paying their bills. The cuts of energy are prohibited on the same period, but the supplier of energy can reduce the power supply, except to customers benefiting from a social tariff.

winter break: The end of the evictions started as early as Tuesday

Airbnb requires a charter to its users

Airbnb is hunting to racism. From the 1st of November, when you open the app or the website of the rental platform between individuals, you will be asked to undertake to observe a code of ethics whose objective is to fight against discrimination. To be clear, users will need to sign a text stating : “I agree to treat all members of the community Airbnb with respect, without prejudice and without distinction of race, religion, national origin, ethnic origin, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age “. If the user refuses, he will no longer be able or host, or rent… in addition, Airbnb recalls that the host cannot refuse a person in situation of handicap, nor impose a higher rate.

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The gas price increases

Despite the time change, the gas bill will increase. From 1 November, the prices of regulated tariffs in the gas distributed by Engie, which relate to 7 million consumers, will rise by an average of 1.59 %. In detail, the homes will see the prices increase of ” 0.5% for those who use gas for cooking, 1% for those who have a dual-purpose cooking and hot water, and 1.6 % for households that heat up the gas “. But the rates have dropped by an average of 5.8 % since 1 January 2016, clarifies the regulator of energy.

A month to stop smoking

This is the time to crush his last cigarette. From the 1st of November, France will test its first ” Me(s) without tobacco “. Modeled on “operation Stoptober” in Great Britain, where since 2012, the number of smokers who have decided to stop has increased considerably, the ministry of Health wants to encourage smokers to quit.

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Since the 10th of October, volunteers can remove kits free of charge in the pharmacies with advice, information and tips to take without smoking. And throughout November, the hospitals offer appointments, boards, conferences, to accompany the approach of the brave. Why a whole month ? The term of thirty days was chosen because it ” multiplies by 5 the chances of stopping smoking permanently “, according to the ministry of health. On site Tobacco Info Service and on the application (Tobacco info service, app) you can join the community, encourage a loved one who tries to stop you, ask any questions and receive some advice.

And on Monday, the department announced a new boost: the annual plan for the reimbursement of nicotine replacement therapies will increase to 150 euros per year for all smokers who wish to stop from the 1st of November. The package was already 150 euros for young people, people in a precarious situation, and the sick, but 50 euros for the others.

Me(s) without tobacco: “We know that harm is being done to his” baby ” … Pregnant, they fight against smoking

Not to uprate supplementary pensions

No boost on the 1st November to the pension scheme of supplementary pensions of the employees and executives of the private: at the beginning of October, the schemes Agirc and Arrco have announced that they would remain frozen for the third consecutive year in 2016, due to the low inflation.

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Gloves mandatory on two-wheelers

Notice the drivers and passengers of motor scooters, bikes or even quads… as of 20 November, the wearing of gloves certified THIS becomes mandatory under a ruling by the inter-ministerial committee of road safety of 2 October 2015.

In case of a police check, the offender is liable to a fine of 68 euros (reduced to 45 euros if paid within 15 days) and a withdrawal to a point of a permit.

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