Tuesday, November 8, 2016

French households hold on average 248 000 euros of heritage – The Express

The inequality of wealth are reduced slightly between 2010 and 2015, even if the half of French households still focused 92% of the assets of heritage in France, according to a study by the Insee published on Monday.

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To field comparable, households living in France averaged 248,000 euros to heritage, gross at the beginning of 2015, excluding vehicles and equipment of the home, jewellery and works of art, a rise of 0.5% in current euros compared to the beginning of 2010.

The situation of households deteriorates

Over this period, the wealth inequalities are measured by the “Gini index” – used to determine the degree of inequality within a given population – have declined slightly. The index thus went from 0,662 beginning of 2010 to the 0,653 at the beginning of 2015.

The relative situation of households, over this period, has nevertheless deteriorated. The heritage of the 10% of households are “less equipped”, mainly consisting of checking accounts and savings books regulated, has indeed fallen to 30.2% in five years.

€ 1.95 million euros for the 1% of the population

In total, 10% of households better endowed had, at the beginning of 2015, 47% of the mass of wealth gross of all households, with a heritage minimum 595 € 700 and € 1.95 million euros for the 1% of the population.

In contrast, the 10% of households held 0.07% of the wealth. The heritage maximum, for this category of population, was 4300 euros.

In 2015, the heritage, gross of the households remained in addition consist principally of immovable property (61%), according to the Insee, which emphasizes that the households most young people have “been able to take advantage of low rates to enter the property”.


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