Wednesday, November 16, 2016

For sale : Choco BN, the stars of the snacks of the children – The Parisian

L‘one of the oldest emblems of the taste of children, the Choco BN, is on the point of change of ownership. United Biscuits, home of the Biscuiterie Nantaise since 1998, has sold its subsidiary, well-known for its biscuits filled with chocolate, says, Wednesday, the newspaper Le Figaro.

The main candidate for the takeover of a French company founded in 1896, is the specialist Dutch biscuits Continental Bakeries, the paper wrote without citing its sources. The group owns the brands Haust, Gille, Bussink, Grabower or Brinky.

An assignment of between 20 and 30 million euro

Among the interested buyers by BN are also included “at least three funds, including a French and a canadian”, adds Le Figaro according to which the amount of the transfer “would be around 20 to 30 million euros” for the company, which generates a turnover of 80 million euros but do not earn money.

United Biscuits is the property since 2014 of the conglomerate Turkish Yildiz, which oversees a wide range of products such as chocolates Godiva, cookies Délichoc, McVitie’s or even the candy Demet’s.

A history of BN

It was in 1922 that Biscuiterie Nantaise has launched its snack BN, one of the first biscuits popular French, before to innovate in 1933 with the choco BN, that, however, will wait until the end of the Second world War and the 1950s for its real development in France.

In 1992, the american group PepsiCo bought the BN and gave his cookie with a smile in order to revive the brand. In 1998, it was purchased by United Biscuits. with AFP


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