Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Five things to know on Bob Employment, the website that wants to curb unemployment – Europe1

Launched Wednesday in partnership with Pôle Emploi, the digital platform Bob Employment carries with it a hope : to reduce unemployment in France. If this promise was repeatedly made by our politicians, the man at the head of this new site has nothing to do with a future presidential candidate. His trick to him, it’s the algorithms. And this is supposed to be the strength of Bob’s Employment.

A young creator. The talent does not expect the number of years, it is said. Paul Duan is the proof. At only 24 years-old, this French is full of ideas and knows how to give herself the means of its ambitions. If he refutes vehemently the qualifier “little genius”, it is clear that Paul Duan has already an impressive CV. A graduate of the Sorbonne university, Sciences Po and the prestigious american university of Berkeley, the French launched two years ago, Bayes Impact, a start-up non-profit located in the Silicon Valley. With one conviction : that the numbers and the digital can solve the world’s problems.

How it works ? It is from this principle that Bob Job was created. The site works with an algorithm able to analyze the data on the labour market, the situation of each unemployed person, and, innovative, course, anonymized of the millions of unemployed previous, to make it available to the user. The platform is based on the number of jobs unfilled in France, approximately 300,000 according to the ministry of Labour.

Registered or not with Pôle Emploi, it is possible to log on to Bob Job. A short questionnaire allows you to set up your profile and target your search. Want to convert it back ? The site offers jobs that relate most to your skills – specifying the average time of return to employment in this sector and the evolution of the offers – or training based in particular on the previous experience.

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A platform for ambitious… platform Bob Job can she succeed alone to reverse the unemployment curve ? On Europe 1 on Wednesday morning, Paul Duan prognostic “a decline in unemployment by 10%, thanks to its algorithm. Even if he confessed in an interview granted to the magazine Society at the end of last year that this figure was “pure com” and that it was “figures in the ladle, without any study”. But the young man believes in the efficacy of his invention, in spite of everything.

… and free of charge. Very easy to access, Bob’s Job is also completely free. This non-profit organization is funded by donations and foundations. Paul Duan also offer its service to the French State. Bob Employment is also available in “open source”, that is to say, that his algorithm may be copied, or even modified by other companies, of other States. This reflects the openness of Paul Duan, who wishes that the good ideas to share and serve to the society rather than to make a profit.

A project supported by Jamel Debbouze. the Son of chinese migrants, Paul Duan is a native of Trappes, in the paris region, where they grew up, Nicolas Anelka, Omar Sy, and Jamel Debbouze. Seduced by his project is both ambitious and altruistic, the actor and comedian has decided to be his sponsor. By making him take advantage of his political contacts and media, Jamel has unlocked doors. A few months ago, it was he who managed to convince Myriam El Khomri, minister of Labour, to meet the young designer. In the book of contacts of the actor are also a large number of good bosses French, become financial contributors of the start-up of Paul Duan…

>> Find the interview of Paul Duan, the creator of Bob’s Employment, on Europe 1 on Wednesday morning :


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