Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fiber : SFR condemned for misleading advertising – ZDNet France

More trouble for SFR. A few days after the announcement of his condemnation to 80 million euro fine by the French competition Authority (which operated the merger with Numericable before it is validated), the operator is now sanctioned for an advertising campaign “based on inaccurate data”, based on a complaint by Orange, revealed in the Figaro.

Translation, SFR is to be penalized for false advertising by advertising a price for a supply optical fiber that does not correspond to the reality, as much higher than what is advertised… in Concrete terms, the so-called pub puts forward a price of € 19.99 per month for 12 months then switch to 34,99€. However, the operator activates automatically at the end of this one-year period, the option LICO Play/Sport. In reality, the cost becomes so 54,98 € per month (34,99+19,99) unless the customer disables this option. There are no small profits.

For the tribunal de commerce de Paris, “fiber + SFR Play back-to-34,99 € +19,99€, that is 54,98€. We find that this figure is easy to identify (…), do not figure on any support of the campaign in question”. “We will say that this campaign, based on inaccurate data, is intentionally misleading, only at the beginning of the period end of the year, and given its mass character, it creates a manifestly illegal”, adds the court.

SFR will be required to withdraw its advertisement, under a penalty of 10,000 euros per offence, and will have to pay 10,000 euros to Orange.

Recall that the operator at the red square does not theoretically have the right to use the term fiber-optic offers operator the mix of fiber and coaxial cable, which is the vast majority of its offer, following a government order. SFR has focused the debate in the courts but in the meantime a decision of justice, the operator must comply with the law. And since then, its commercial offers are no longer mention the term fiber-optic. The group does not, however, the terminology used, namely “optical fiber termination coaxial”.

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