Friday, November 11, 2016

Dieselgate. The report, which puts Renault in trouble – West-France

The Directorate general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud (DGCCRF) has decided to pass on Wednesday, November 9, the public prosecutor of Nanterre, the conclusions of its report on the pollutant emissions of diesel vehicles of Renault. The future of the carmaker is now in the hands of justice.

the repression of The frauds pointed out that his inquiry was ” the practices relating to emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), a dozen automakers that sell diesel-powered vehicles in France “. Source close to Bercy, this administrative investigation is continuing beyond the case of Renault.

in Addition to the results of tests conducted on vehicles, the DGCCRF has backed ” on the analysis of documents seized during a search of the premises of the manufacturer and on the hearing of representatives of the company “, said Bercy in a press release.

Compliance with French and european

The automotive group has taken note of this decision, saying in a statement that he reaffirmed ” its determination to assert its rights to defend the social interest of the company, its employees and its shareholders “.

The company renault has repeated the arguments she sets out from the first searches in its premises in January last to know it” complies with the French legislation and european “.

” Renault vehicles have all and always been approved pursuant to the act and the regulations. They are compliant with the standards in force “ and ” are not equipped with software of fraud to the devices for pollution control “, has assured the group.

” aggravated tort of Deceit “

The case stems from a scandal-management programs, diesel engine-fixing by Volkswagen to make the switch to less polluting than they were. The scandal has been unveiled in September 2015 in the United States.

The DGCCRF, which had immediately opened an inquiry, has already passed its findings on to the German group to the justice, and the Prosecutor’s office in Paris announced last march, have decided to open an instruction to ” aggravated tort of deceit “.

at the same time, the government has set up a commission of independent experts, whose work has highlighted significant exceedances of thresholds of registration of the emissions of diesel vehicles, including Renault.

Software ” cheats “

The case Volkswagen has not only shaken the German giant, but also shed light on the difference between the certification standards in the laboratory and the emissions in real conditions of use, whether of NOx or CO2. These standards are being tightened at european level, and the tolerances in their application will be reduced.

For its part, Renault has introduced in march of a technical action plan to reduce the NOx emissions from its diesel engines, providing Wednesday, November 9, that he had been ” considered transparent, fair and credible, “ by the experts of the technical commission.

These experts, who are continuing with their work, had in a report made at the end of July indicated that they would not be able to exclude that other brands that Volkswagen may use software ” cheats “, despite their denials.

Renault ” determined to work “

This work also showed that the technology of ” NOx trap “, which destroys these harmful emissions by combustion and is used by Renault on its diesel was generally less effective under actual conditions than by urea injection (SCR), the more complex and costly.

It is the SCR that has appeal for several years on its diesel the PSA group, will give this year’s Renault is the first French manufacturer in units produced. However, it has also been raided by the DGCCRF, in April.

For his part, Carlos Ghosn said at the end of September, during the World of Paris, that it was ” totally committed to working at all levels “ in this folder.


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