Thursday, November 17, 2016

Deduction at source : the right to fail the adoption of the measure in the Assembly – The Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The reform is emblematic of a budget 2017 has been retoquée temporarily by an amendment voted by the elected representatives RL in the hemicycle.

This Thursday, held at the National Assembly the vote on the levy at source of tax on income, the flagship measure in the draft budget for 2017. But the session did not go as planned: the right, the more mobilized the socialists, succeeded in preventing the adoption of the reform, at least temporarily.

* The elected LR and IDU very concerned

At the opening of the discussion on article 38 of the draft budget, that the right unanimous denounced as overly “complex” and wants to question, the minister of Economy and Finance Michel Sapin has defended a “great reform”.

This was not the opinion of elected officials and LR IDUS very raised and very concerned by the said act, as Hervé Mariton (LR) and Marc Le Fur (LR). According to the latter, the government is not telling the truth to the French, leaving “the belief that it will simplify their life”.

show of hands and one vote (22 against 21, in accordance with the statement of the president of the session, Catherine Vautrin), the LR group did adopt an amendment by Marie-Christine Dalloz to provide for “the collection of monthly mandatory”, instead of the levy to the source. This amendment states that “the income tax is recovered by way of charges made each month”, in order to avoid imposing an “extra burden” to companies.

● “The socialists are not distrusted”

After this thunderclap, the elected Nicolas Dhuicq (LR) discussed on Twitter the “panic among the socialists”.

With a calm shown, the secretary of State for the Budget, Christian Eckert, immediately requested a suspension of the meeting. The recovery, he said that the government would ask “for a second deliberation” which will take place “in the end of the examination of the text, as provided by the rules of the Assembly”. The government will thus be forced to proceed to a new vote at the end of the discussion, this Thursday evening or at the latest Friday.

● “An additional proof of the decline of the government”

Quick to welcome the “removal” of the levy at source, the “costly” and “time bomb”, the LR group was seen in the “minority” socialists “further evidence of the decline of the government”.

The adoption of this amendment was to cancel all of the following are deposited on the article in question, about 140 amendments, including some from the government.

“This vote demonstrates the unpreparedness policy of your text, the members of PS who had come in on order have deserted after the amendments, delete”, said Marc Le Fur in the chamber.

“The socialists are not wary. They believed that it was finished, ( … ), whereas my amendment, which introduces a mensualisation mandatory, is the same”, welcomed Mrs Dalloz , deputy of the Jura, in the corridors.


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