Saturday, November 12, 2016

China : Alibaba and the $ 16.4 billion euros of happiness – The Point

China savored decidedly of the delights of capitalism. The day of singles is a testament to that. And on this day of ” 1 ” (11/11) was a winner : Alibaba. In 24 hours, and after an initially obnoxious, the e-commerce site has earned $ 16.4 billion euros. The competitor of Amazon has managed to transform this small festival national day the most commercial in the world, ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Tribune has even dared the comparative : this craze business is more important than the GDP of Jamaica or Senegal.

120 000 transactions to the second

Six million products are offered. 50 000 traders are present on the site. One billion transactions have been made, of which 82 % on smartphone. On 11 November, almost a billion euros have been spent in the first five minutes. The figures give the disease and place China as a stronghold of the consumption of ” occasional “. Thus, in five days last year, Americans had spent “only” $ 11.1 billion for Thanksgiving.

Alibaba, had organized a grand show by inviting celebrities such as the Beckhams. And demonstrated that the future of retail is in China. In addition to a wide range of products, the site wants to be at the cutting edge of technology, as noted by The new yorker , to ensure the delivery of 52 million packages per day, and 120 000 banking transactions per second. The company is already preparing the day of the singles 2017. Alibaba intends to pick up the sesame-commerce site the most powerful in the world !


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