Monday, November 14, 2016

Brexit : Lego removes its advertisements in the hateful Daily Mail, Le Figaro

The Danish manufacturer has decided to stop the promotion of his toys in the tabloid british in the wake of the campaigns of “hate” is carried out by the Daily Mail against migrants and the judges felt that Parliament would have the final word on the process of Brexit.

Lego boycotting the Daily Mail. The Danish group denounced the “hate,” conveyed by the tabloid and other newspapers in britain including against migrants. In response to a message posted on Tweeter by the campaign to Stop funding hate” (stop funding hate), the manufacturer said on the social network “have terminated our agreement with the Daily Mail and do not expect any other commercial action in the future”. Lego offering free toys with certain editions of the tabloid british. “Our agreement with Lego is complete and we have not planned to conduct promotional activities with Lego in the near future”, says the Daily Mail to The Independent.

In his tweet, “Stop funding hate” has, in particular, relayed the letter of a father of a family to Lego published on his account Facebook in which he is moved to see the brand to be associated with a newspaper”, which accuses the immigrants of all evils”. “We devote a particular care to listen to children. And when parents or grand-parents take the time to let us know what they feel, we listen just as carefully,” said a spokesperson for Lego, Kathrine Bisgaard Vase.

The Daily Mail is regularly accused of feeding the feeling xenophobic with their blanket anti-migrant.

The tabloid europhobe has also been very criticized in qualifying recently, of”enemies of the people” the three judges of the High Court having decided that the british Parliament should have its say in the process of Brexit.

other popular newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Express are also in the sights of the campaign which seeks to convince companies such as Marks and Spencer, Waitrose or John Lewis to refrain from advertising in these media. “We are particularly sensitive to this issue (migrants), but we do not carry ever of editorial judgment on a log,” says a spokesman for the british retailer John Lewis.

The initiative of Lego has immediately been hailed by figures such as the singer Lily Allen, the ex-footballer and star presenter of the BBC, Gary Lineker or even the former president of Medef Laurence Parisot.


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