Friday, November 11, 2016

Alibaba, a powerful vector for fever buying in China – Release

Like tigers on their prey, the young Chinese people have thrown themselves on their computers and smartphones when, at midnight (Beijing time), the mega-sales of the traditional “Singles’ Day” started, this Friday, 11 November, setting in motion once again all the chinese web. Cameras, beauty products, sports shoes, odds and ends for the house : seven minutes after midnight, Alibaba, the giant national online sales to the origin of this “day of the singles,” was already of the orders equivalent to $ 1.5 billion. Three years ago, it took six hours to reach the same amount. The total sales, once the deal is completed, expected to exceed 20 billion dollars (18 billion euros), compared to more than $ 14 billion in 2015 .


In China, the “day of bachelors” is now one of the festivals most expected on the calendar thanks to the commercial flair of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and the second capital of China. It is held each year on November 11th (11/11), a date used by the firm for its succession of “1″, supposed to symbolize those who have not yet found their half. Before being recovered by the chinese giant of e-commerce, on the 11th of November was celebrated with a Valentine’s day by teens and young adults in the country : between boyfriends or girlfriends in unmarried, to kill the eventual blow of cockroach, it was mandatory on this day to invite each other at the restaurant, or offer small gifts.

But in 2009, sensing a good deal, Alibaba grabs in the November 11, to make shuang shiyi, “double eleven” in mandarin, is a real phenomenon of society. The discounts offered for the occasion only during that twenty-four hours, each Singles’ Day has been held since gives rise to rushes on the great sites of chinese e-commerce. Among them, Taobao and Tmall, operated by Alibaba, but also, eternal rival of the group Jack Ma and number 2 in China. All portals, including those that appeared more recently offering organic food, like TooToo or Benlai, take the opportunity to break the price and communicate intensely in the flood of advertising surrounding this event is unparalleled in the western world.

leave posed for compulsive shopping

in Beijing or in Shanghai, for example, the frenzy is such that buyers of the most compulsive do not hesitate to ask a day off to be able to surf quietly all night. The others arrive at work, on the morning of 11 November, the eyes reddened by lack of sleep… once the orders are placed, however, it will take several days, before the kuaidi, the package delivered by courier on a motorbike arrives at the home or office.

The shopping spree is such that it can sometimes give the dizzy. Among the 710 million internet users in the world’s second largest economy, some, like My Ling, a Beijing 38-year-old working in a start-up, are not entirely fans of the concept. the “It takes a lot of time. It is necessary to compare the site, select the products in advance. There’s just too much information to digest,”, says she. Today, My Ling has just spent the equivalent of 190 euros to buy a electronic code which will allow him to book on the Internet a medical check-up routine in a hospital in the capital. the “I got one for me and one for my mother. It was settled at 50%, a good deal !”

$ 14 billion of orders

over The years, the sales of the Singles’ Day chinese have also become an economic indicator for evaluating the robustness of Alibaba and the health of the online business, one of the pillars of the chinese economy. In 2015, the meters in the group of Hangzhou, a city near Shanghai, where Alibaba has its HEADQUARTERS, had recorded more than $ 14 billion of orders, a figure that is rising by 60% compared to the previous year.

The amount has been reached this time then that the day was only at its two-thirds. But the progress, in percentage, should not match that of 2015. In China, Alibaba is in fact the victim of increased competition, even if his platform Taobao, eBay chinese, still control 90% of the market transactions of private individual to group (the group being only the introducer).

For compensercette competition, Jack Ma is now trying to give an international echo to the event, by inviting VIPs foreigners to participate in the gala to be televised, streamed, like every year, live on the chinese Web. After Daniel Craig, guest-surprise of the edition 2015, the boss of 52 year-old has this time come up in Shenzhen, host of the show, the basketball star Kobe Bryant, the Beckhams and even Scarlett Johansson. It is true that the american actress, is now a safe value in China : since April, the star of Lost in Translation is also the new face of Huawei, the leading chinese telecom to which it lends its face to boost the sales of the P9, the latest smartphone of the group and a symbol of its increase in range.

Raphael Balenieri corresponding to Beijing


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