Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Discrimination: the government says “no” to the anonymous CV – TF1

Never applied the 2006 law article generalizing the anonymous CV “will be repealed,” said Tuesday the Minister of Labour François Rebsamen , in accordance with the recommendations of a report on the discrimination that was presented. Since a 2006 law, the anonymous CV is mandatory in the business more than 50 employees, but the implementing decree was never published. Last July, the State Council had called on the government to correct the anomaly.
Reform of 2006 “will be repealed” in the law on social dialogue and employment whose examination to the National Assembly begins Tuesday in committee, said Mr. Rebsamen to the press, after the submission of the report of the working group on discrimination written by Jean-Christophe Sciberras, former president of the National Association of Resource Directors Human (ANDRH). “The anonymous CV is a tool” but not “the only tool,” it must not be “systematic”, said Mr Rebsamen, who nevertheless is among the signatories of a socialist motion (Motion A) offering its generalization .
Besides the issue of anonymous CVs, the Minister announced the creation of a “new use” Anti-discrimination: the employees and candidates aggrieved may incur “collective action” to justice, a device that already exists in the field of consumption. The “social dialogue” in the company, however, will “prioritize legal action,” the only possible recourse in case of failure to resolve the issue internally, said Mr Rebsamen. The measure will be included in future bill “Justice of the century” carried by the Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, to be presented by the Cabinet on June 24 and that the parliamentary review will begin in October.

The government also plans to create in companies a “referral equal opportunities”, as selected by management, with advice of the works council. ther measures: “a large country testing to companies” in the fall, a new “cluster service offering employment to ensure employers’ non-discriminatory recruitment” or “a public communication campaign on the fight against Stereotypes “before the end of the year. Mr. Rebsamen has finally announced the” sustainability “of the working group on discrimination and the command to France Strategy, reflection body which reports to the Prime Minister a” study the economic cost of
discrimination “.


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