Saturday, May 30, 2015

Emmanuel Macron wants more integration in the euro zone – The World

The economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, believes that “the vanguard of the euro area should move towards greater solidarity and integration” in an interview to be published Sunday May 31 in the Journal du Dimanche. It states that integration must go through “a common budget, a common debt capacity and fiscal convergence” .

Emmanuel Macron also defends the idea of ​​harmonization social systems and the creation of a common UI. It also includes the suggestion by his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble, to create a parliament of the euro area

The Minister also advocated a two-speed Europe. “You have to accept The idea that Europe takes place at two speeds, there is a solidarity union and differentiated. There is a history to 28 (EU member countries) and a story to 19 (The member countries of the euro area) “, he said. He added that “Europe 28 must be simpler, clearer, better and keep moving on digital and energy” .

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