Friday, May 22, 2015

Air France-KLM, when the CEO recalls the worst case scenario – The

Widely extended Thursday to Air France-KLM lead with 94.21% of votes cast, Alexandre de Juniac held a general meeting of scaremongering about the future of European aviation. For the first time, he raised the possibility of the disappearance of European companies and therefore Air France-KLM, the most fragile of the European Majors. While the words are intended to move the authorities on the need to give a boost to the airline group, but they are not without foundation if nothing moves.

“We will ask major efforts our employees at Air France and KLM. This is necessary if we want to improve economic performance and competitiveness of the whole group. That said, efforts will take full effect and collect the full support of our staff that if we also have around us the mobilization of all actors of the aviation sector. We therefore call on all stakeholders, public authorities, civil aviation, airports, air system to contribute, as we will do it, to the success and competitiveness of the business otherwise j ‘insists, in Europe, there is no mobilization of all stakeholders, airlines survival, will eventually and medium term questioning. “

A worst case scenario already highlighted by the report on the sector flown by Claude Abraham (former director of the DGAC) in 2013, entitled “European companies are they threatening?” Invited in July 2014 Paris Air Forum organized by La Tribune to debate with Alexandre Juniac, Claude Abraham did not exclude term transition from three to two major European groups or takeovers by them or by foreign groups .

Alexandre Juniac therefore seeks to make things happen on the regulatory front. It calls for measures at national, European and international level in order to be able to fight against increased competition, particularly of Gulf companies.

Read here the demands of Air France-KLM

However, this regulatory support is not intended by Alexandre de Juniac “exonerate” the group effort to lead.

“I have promised you today a serene future. I promised you a hard storm and adaptation measures to be courageous and strong, “said the CEO of Air France-KLM, recalling the need for social dialogue to build the perfom 2020 plan.

While management intends to propose its measures in September-October, negotiations are stalled at Air France. The situation is indeed blocked with the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) that still does not finalize the measures of the previous plan, Transform, closed in late December. According to Frederic Gagey, CEO of Air France, the pilots held just under 70% of the commitments made in the previous plan, unlike ground staff and flight attendants who have fully made the copy.

“We hope the SNPL sign the amendments to the Convention to implement the 5-6 last step we have identified (that will finalize Transform, ed), it’s a question fairness and respect for commitments made, “said Frédéric Gagey.

The stakes are high. For other categories of staff will not engage on further steps until the drivers have not finished Transform 2015 and commit to new measures in the new plan. Given the war postures between the new team at the head of which is made SNPL elect on hard positions facing the direction and management of the company that will do nothing that could be construed as vis-à-vis weakness pilot, dialogue of the deaf can last much longer.


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