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Ailing, Areva whets the appetite of its competitors – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

In the doldrums after the publication of its results for 2014, Areva has registered 4.83 billion of net losses and announced in the wake a vast restructuring plan synonymous 3000-4000 job cuts. But the company also may be forced to sell part of its activities to recover costs money. A sale that attracts many candidates, even too much, which revives rumors of a breakup of the company as Areva specialty is to provide an integrated offering, ranging from uranium mining to reprocessing Nuclear déchats through the reactor construction.

EDF eyeing the reactor activity. The CEO of the electrician, Jean-Bernard Lévy, has formalized its interest Tuesday Europe 1: “We are preparing a proposal that I will address in the coming days the president of Areva, to propose EDF buys the Areva reactor activity This is an activity we. know very well since the reactors, we built them with Areva. It’s 15,000 employees who build and operate the reactors in the world, it is a job that we know well. “

Levy “EDF buys activity reactor … Europe1fr

An encrypted offer of a little more than two billion euros were sent this weekend, according to daily information Les Echos . In detail, it is the reactor division, called Areva NP – for “nuclear power – which interests EDF: it combines the design and manufacture of equipment, but also the fuel assembly and services to existing reactors <. / p>

Engie positions on maintenance. The other heavyweight energy in France, Engie (eg GDF-Suez), is also entered in the show. The activity maintenance and repair of reactors – regular income and high margins – particularly interested in Engie, who wants to grow in non-carbon energy Aware that EDF would veto see its competitor take care of the maintenance. its power plants in France, the gas company sets its sights on overseas. “There is a part of Areva’s activities particularly in the field of nuclear maintenance services internationally that would make a nice combination with ours “Saturday said on Europe 1 CEO Gerard Mestrallet. This” could be a stake but we wish that Areva remains involved, “said he said.

Investors Chinese also interested. Areva, whose financing needs are estimated at 7 billion euros, according to a source quoted by Les Echos , also eyeing the potential Chinese investors side. China, which account for half of the growth of the nuclear market in the coming years, is also keen to acquire the technologies it has not yet mastered in this area.

The groups Electricity China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and China General Nuclear (CGN) and could take up to 10% of the capital of Areva NP, once bought by EDF, according to press reports. “We can build with the Chinese cooperation in this area as in others that are very powerful,” said a government source told AFP. Questioned on the subject Friday, Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron stressed that the issue of other partners that EDF would come “in a second time.”

The finance minister Michel Sapin must receive Wednesday morning Philippe Varin, Chairman of Areva since January, and a meeting will be held on June 3 at the Elysee with the ministers concerned before a Nuclear Policy Council does not decide early July


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