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The marauding is reserved for taxis, said the Constitutional Council –

( – A everywhere the ball to center …! In the conflict between taxis for passenger cars with drivers (VTC), the Constitutional Council ruled in favor of both parties. Uber seized by the company, he had to decide on three priority issues of constitutionality: the prohibition of “electronic marauding” pricing arrangements and the obligation to return to base

Marauding reserved. taxis …

The first, remember that only taxis are allowed to park and drive on public roads in search of customers, “for reasons of public order.” Uber considered however that this creates distortions of competition and violates their freedom of enterprise. An argument rejected by the French institution. The Council also supported the taxis on the issue of support period. After each race, the VTC obligation to return to base (headquarters VTC) or in a place out of the road, where parking is allowed. If the Competition Authority ruled against the measure, the Sages believe on the contrary that it does not reach the entrepreneurial freedom of VTC

Fees:. A point for VTC

However, concerning “pricing arrangements”, the Constitutional Council ruled for the VTC. These are indeed not allowed to practice “the horokilométrique pricing used by taxis”. The law requires them “to communicate to the customer the total price of the race at the time of booking.” Last summer, Uber was rightly caught by the Paris Commercial Court to have provided its customers’ price range, “based on the horokilométrique rate. The Constitutional Council considers however that it affects the activity of VTC. Overall SnapCar was satisfied with the decision on Friday. “We consider (…) the conditions to exercise satisfactorily met our business,” the company VTC in a statement.

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