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Death of the “giant” of mathematics John Nash – The Obs

Washington (AFP) – One of the “giants” US mathematical John Nash, famous for his work on game theory that has earned him co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994, died Saturday with his wife in a car accident on the east coast of the United States.

The scientific aged 86 and his wife, Alicia Nash, 82, who inspired the movie ” Beautiful Mind “, made in 2001, were ejected from a taxi whose driver had lost control on the New Jersey Turnpike (east), police said.

” The passengers of taxi were ejected “and died on Saturday, AFP Sergeant Gregory Williams, explaining that the driver had” lost control “of the vehicle and hit a safety barrier on the side of the highway.

John Nash and another mathematician Louis Nirenberg, described as “two giants of the twentieth century” discipline, were assigned on March 25 the Abel Prize in Mathematics from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

But John Nash never got the Fields Medal, considered the most prestigious award of discipline seen as the equivalent of the Nobel prize of mathematics.

In the film “A Beautiful Mind,” directed by Ron Howard and released in France in 2002, his character is played by Russell Crowe.

The film describes both his mathematical genius and schizophrenia, appeared after marriage with Alicia in 1957, which made him imagine that a US federal agent offered him secretly help the government to decrypt messages Russian spies in the press.

After hospitalization and assistance his wife he managed to control his hallucinations.

Russell Crowe has said on Twitter “in shock”. “In shock … my thoughts are with John and Alicia and their families It was an extraordinary collaboration exception Spirits, very big hearts..,” Writes the actor

. – “Balance” between players –

The Greek Minister of Economy, Yanis Varoufakis, also a professor of economics, who met, welcomed a “source of inspiration”

The president of Princeton University, where he worked and wrote his thesis on game theory, Christopher L. Eisgruber, praised “the remarkable work of John (Nash) that have inspired generations of mathematicians , economists and scientists. “

John Nash was born June 13, 1928 in Bluefield, West Virginia (is) an engineer father, who had served in France during World War II, and a teacher mother became partially hearing impaired following a disease. He has a sister, Martha.

The scientist admits in his autobiography published by the organization of the Nobel Prize, having devoured a small encyclopedia that his parents had given him.

high school, it reads like a premonition a history of mathematics, “Men of Mathematics” ET Bell, before studying chemical engineering and chemistry at Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University and then branch off to mathematics to graduate.

The prestigious universities of Harvard and Princeton open their doors to brilliant student. He chose Princeton because it is “closer to Bluefield.”

What follows is a doctorate on the economic theory of games, followed by various publications and discoveries in differential geometry and partial differential equations . His career at Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

With its non-cooperative game theory published in 1950 and for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994 with US economists John Harsanyi and Reinhard Selten German, it shows that he still has to “balance” between players –connu under the name of “Nash equilibrium” – since no one can change its strategy without weakening his winnings.

The intelligence agency NSA (National security agency) organized in 2012 an exhibition of John Nash, who had proposed to develop a machine to encrypt and decrypt messages.

He married in 1957, Alicia, a physicist from MIT, with whom he had a son, after another elder son from a previous bond. The New York Times stated for his part that he also had homosexual connections.


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