Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A report threatens Intercity trains: 4 maintained online – FranceTV info


The commission on the future of the territory equilibrium trains (TET, formerly Intercity) proposes, in a report submitted to the government Tuesday, May 26, multiply the approaches to revive the “weak link” of the rail system.

  • By Fabienne Le Moing
  • Published 26/05/2015 | 7:04 p.m., updated 05.26.2015 | 7:04 p.m.
© Ian Langsdon for Maxppp

© Ian Langsdon for Maxppp

Less well alongside the TGV Train the Regional Express, Intercity trains are designed to connect cities together. A report submitted Tuesday to the Government advocates an overhaul of the network. Maligned and older, it is nevertheless very useful to 100,000 travelers who use it daily. Commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and written by MP (PS) Philippe Duron, this document nevertheless considers that many of these rail links are no longer adapted to the transport conditions and lifestyles of today.

What about the Paris-Belfort line?

The report by MEP Philippe Duron provides a thorough reform of the Intercity trains. Line 4 Paris – Troyes – Belfort would be maintained but the frequency would increase from 13-7 to Troyes and only 2 to 4 Belfort

Cédric Lepoittevin Reportage, Yann Denis Schmitt and Colle..

Intercity: impact on Paris-Belfort

With Noëlle Allmendinger: user of the Paris-Belfort, Julie Poloso: user of the Paris-Belfort, Bernard Tournier: member of the National Federation of Transport User Associations (FNAUT) and François Jeannin: national delegate FNAUT


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