Sunday, May 31, 2015

Economic reforms, 51% of French do not believe … Valls – The

The majority of French (51%) do not think the Prime Minister Manuel Valls is “able to carry out reforms in the economic and social field,” according to an Ifop poll published Sunday in the JDD, against 49% take the opposite view. The survey was conducted by telephone on May 29 and 30 using the quota method with a sample of 1,003 people representative of the French population.

Among the skeptical head of government, 28% think that Manuel Valls is “rather not” able to make such reforms and 23% than it is “not at all”.

The supporters left mostly think (57%) Manuel Valls can carry out these reforms against 43% take the opposite view. However supporters of the UMP are 57% to doubt the capacity of the Prime Minister and this percentage reaches 66% among supporters of the FN.

In addition, 72% of respondents were in favor “the introduction of stricter conditions for receiving housing benefits”, 64% to the “ceiling on the amount of unemployment benefits for senior executives or” 53% to the “ceiling on the amount of severance payments to winnable industrial tribunal, but only 37% to “simplify layoffs in SMEs” and 32% “increase to 67 the retirement age in the private sector to benefit from a full supplementary pension” .


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