Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SNCF: This report threatens Intercity – Les Echos

In terms of interregional rail transport in France, the worst is it still safe? Regarding the balance of the territory Trains (TET) in any case, the “black” scenario feared by elected looks set to materialize.

The report of the parliamentary committee on the subject, chaired by the deputy PS Calvados Philippe Duron – which was submitted to the government on Tuesday – “ stands a severe finding of the state of the Intercity network, “a quality of supply continually degraded significantly increased travel times, a regularity that fell” . It advocates abandoning several night trains and too expensive routes “, wrote” Le Parisien “, which has obtained the report preview.

One thing shaped funeral oration and in phase with that of the Court of Auditors in February pleaded that already then explained “Les Echos”, for a reduction in network Intercity trains to get it out of financial impasse. The 320 trains running in the 35 Intercity lines (35 lines: 23 day and 12 night) carry indeed some 100,000 travelers daily (see here the map of the French network), but are heavily in deficit (see below).

In Focus report Duron: five sections of lines exist, or TER TGV routes: Toulouse-Cerberus, Quimper, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and Nice Saint-Quentin-Cambrai – and on which, says the commission, Intercity could therefore be deleted. For their part, the lines Toulouse-Hendaye and Clermont-Ferrand-Béziers could be transferred on buses


As for the specific case of night trains, the rail-Unsa union already feared last autumn, in the columns of the “voices” their dimming, noting that their customers decreased by 30% five years. For Philippe Duron, their business model is simply “more viable ,” and merely confirms the supremacy of coaches (see his tweet posted Monday).

The report therefore recommends Duron keep only four lines of night Intercity trains ( against 12 today), between Paris and Briancon, Rodez, Toulouse and Latour-de-Carol, believing that others are expensive and can be replaced by existing connections, faster by train or plane, bus or night, AFP said. Conversely, he advocates “strengthened rail services (…) associated with better utilization of rolling stock,” , on ” the lines where the economic result is now below their real potential “, among others, Paris-Clermont-Ferrand, Paris, Amiens, Nantes-Lyon, Paris-Limoges, Paris or Bordeaux, Caen -Marseille. Furthermore, tilting lines between the Ile-de-France and neighboring regions, the “suburbs” could be transferred to the regions as part of an agreement with the state.


The Duron report says the need for further investment to renew the fleet of trains Intercity, and provide services in line with expectations of travelers.

The report of the Committee Duron

Intercity trains lost over 300 million euros per year

The Intercity trains run on more than 40 lines and ensure the serving 355 cities, but their operating deficit exceeds 300 million euros per year and the rolling stock is out of breath (end of 2012 it showed a mean age of 33.5 years and approached the obsolescence, in the Court of Auditors). “ The cost km / train in France is the highest in Europe ,” said Jacques Auxiette, President (PS) of the Pays de la Loire, which is also a transportation specialist. Hence the concern of elected officials who denounced late last week, before the submission of the report Duron, the risk of a “dismemberment” of the network, involving “closing lines, continued removal of night trains “ and ” transfer of unprofitable lines to the regions “.


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