Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Intercity buses replaced with: bad news for the … – The Obs

What is the future of trains Intercity and the deficit of 400 million euros? The elected and Committee of Experts, chaired by the Socialist deputy Philippe Duron, advocates replacing many of them, day and night, by coach.

These enable the both to ensure the cabotage connections for connecting small stations, but also to achieve more direct travel between big cities with a “highway infrastructure very good,” according to the report.

If the Commission is followed, then it could be a revolution for bus transportation. Today, it represents only 110,000 passengers per year on the territory (ie 0.0005% of long distance travel). But this figure could quickly climb to 5 million, according to estimates cited by Bercy “Le Parisien”.

The development of bus transport was one of the flagship measures of the law Macron. The liberalization of the sector must be made this summer. There are already half a dozen French and foreign companies positioned, the SNCF itself with its iDBUS.

The bus, much more polluting than the train

good news? To finance the SNCF perhaps, but not for the carbon balance. In fact, bus transport proves far less environmentally friendly than the train.

“L’Observateur” compared the Intercity lines threatened the direct path between the two terminals (without stopping at all stations so ). Result: the bus pollutes much more than rail. For a Bordeaux-Lyon route, for example, emissions of greenhouse gas tripled.

For the Green MP Denis Baupin, this report is a “very bad signal “:

continues being an important part of everyday life of our citizens and, of course, the fight against pollution,” he recalled on France Info

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