Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LVMH will marry Les Echos and Le Parisien – Le Figaro

The group of Bernard Arnault, owner of the Voices , entered into negotiations with the Amaury family.

In walking for months, the concentration of the press market accelerated further Tuesday with the announcement of the next takeover by LVMH Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France . The group of Bernard Arnault, owner of the business daily Les Echos , entered into exclusive negotiations with the Amaury family to buy him the title track of the popular press in France. Cumulative sales of the Paris , released in Île-de-France and in the Oise, and Today in France , its national edition sold elsewhere in the Hexagon, reached 362,592 copies a day in March. The amount of the transaction would be around 50 million euros. The operation should be completed in the fall, creating one of the leading media groups in France with € 335 million in revenue with a combined daily circulation of 500,000 copies.

Le Parisien player has his habits rather zinc cafes, when one of Echoes has the profile of the executive or business leader

Desktop view Bernard Arnault, the operation may seem surprising. Le Parisien drive instead habits zinc cafes, when one of Echoes has the profile of the executive or business leader. Editorial synergies between the two titles are already excluded. However, this combination of two daily gives advertising power in both print and digital. Arnaud Bernard was persuaded by Francis Morel, who took the reins of the group Les Echos the end of 2011 and believes that it should participate in the daily press consolidation movement if he does not want be marginalized. LVMH has a long history in the press. He has long argued Tribune before throwing his sights on Les Echos in 2007 by paying 250 million euros to buy back Pearson. In the same motion, he told Tribune to Alain Weill, with a fat check to offset the losses.

Today, the context has changed. Press asset prices fell, which precipitated the consolidation. Claude Perdriel sold The New Viewer for only 4 or 5 million euros in the trio Bergé-Niel-Pigasse, owner of the group Le Monde . In the aftermath, Patrick Drahi bought Libération and L’Express for a pittance.

It was time that Marie-Odile Amaury tried to give Le Parisien , flagship of the Daily press in the family since 1946, but has been suffering for years from severe erosion of its sales. In 2010, the Amaury group tried to sell this set for 200 million euros. But among the potential buyers, including Vincent Bolloré, none had offered more than 90 million. The Amaury group had therefore decided to withdraw Le Parisien of the sale. Earlier this year, rumors have picked up on the interest of Vincent Bolloré – Vivendi now owns – to take over the group Amaury, including Le Parisien and also Team ASO, the organizer of sports events. The Amaury group never intended to leave the sport.

However, he could not finance both the development of sport and the division of general daily Le Parisien . When the LVMH group came offer to buy Le Parisien , Marie-Odile Amaury therefore agreed to part ways. She was advised by Rothschild & amp; Co. “The sale of the Paris was an opportunity. LVMH is a group capable of supporting the development of the Paris and capital item, there will be no social impact, “says Philippe Carli, CEO of the Amaury group. “We want to develop in the sport and for this we have a great need for financing. ASO will make acquisitions abroad and we must fund Team and TNT channel, “he adds. Amaury therefore refocusing on Team and 220,000 copies daily and especially Amaury Sport Organisation, the event very profitable subsidiary, which organizes notably the Tour de France and the Dakar.


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