Friday, May 22, 2015

Thévenoud TRANSPORT welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Council – The JSL

MP Mâconnais Thomas Thévenoud said Friday that “balance” of His law on taxis and transport vehicles with driver (VTC) was “consistent with the Constitution “after the decision of the Elders, who met some of the demands of the Uber group. Observing that “the Constitutional Council considered in particular that there was no infringement of the freedom to undertake for VTC and no breach of equality between VTC and taxis,” the unregistered elected Saône-et-Loire, a former socialist, considered in a statement that “this decision will therefore encourage job creation in the VTC sector in Ile-de-France”.

“Strengthening tourist attractiveness “

After emphasizing that” the balance resulting from the vote of the Act of 1 Thévenoud st October 2014 includes both new rules for VTC and a taxi service modernization requirements’, the man who was an ephemeral Secretary of State has asked the government to “implement without delay the various provisions airport package for taxis to generalization of credit card payment, the removal of the approach stroke and the creation of a dedicated channel to connect Paris with its two major airports. ” “All this will further strengthen the tourist attractiveness of our capital city, to meet consumer demand and create more jobs,” he said. Transport Car with driver (VTC) have the right to calculate their tariffs by the same method as taxis, but can not use geolocation before booking, decided on Friday the Constitutional Council, seized three priority issues of constitutionality ( QPC) at the request of the US giant booking VTC

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