Saturday, May 23, 2015

CIF: end of bitter conflict despite an agreement on wages – L’Express

A final negotiation meeting failed Friday, the unions refused to accept the management’s proposals on wages since the latter refused to consider their request for a staggered days off and an abandonment sanctions against strikers who committed violence.

The management of Ile-de-France Couriers (CIF), a subsidiary of Keolis, which belongs to the SNCF, had proposed an increase of 0.7% of base salary and the establishment of a monthly fee of 20 euros.

An agreement was reached on the salary measures ” but “ the failure of the negotiations is the conditions of end of conflict spreading days strike and the lifting of sanctions for the damage , “explained Executive in a statement.

The direction of the CIF has made every effort to reach an agreement with the unions and return as soon as possible the total operation is very disappointed ” a- she added.

Elected officials have tried everything (…) even accept wage advances mediocre. The vengeful direction wanted other ,” said his side Benkissaou Djamal, CGT group, to AFP.

She will not spread the strike days to penalize employees and move them want to strike. It has no use for employees and their families. In addition, she does not want to commit to not exercising disciplined , “he added, saying also speak on behalf of the CFDT.

The unions called back to work “ not to penalize employees “, but warned that “ the strike notice is still in effect until 31 December “, they do not exclude conduct” targeted action at crucial moments “.

The bus traffic, very disturbed since the conflict began on May 4 and whose release of deposits by judicial decision there ten days had allowed the gradual recovery is now almost normal (93% Saturday 95% Sunday), said management.

The social conflict was particularly hard, 79 buses and several corporate buildings that have been adversely affected. Hoping to be heard by the main shareholder, the strikers had briefly invaded the headquarters of the SNCF in Saint-Denis.

Behind Keolis there are political and financial stakes desired by the State which prepares the homelessness + + of the profession by competition between carriers decided at European level “Mr. Benkissaou analysis, which concludes:” the struggle continues “.

ICF bus company serving the north and northeast of Ile-de-France and is used by nearly 90,000 passengers daily.


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