Sunday, May 31, 2015

Macron requires in turn a two-speed Europe – Express

Emmanuel Macron claims to speak in his name and wishing thus represent a generation. But his supposed appeal only hire him will make noise. “We must accept the idea that Europe is done at two speeds, there is a united and differentiated union” he said in an interview with JDD published Sunday.

“Europe 28 must be simpler, clearer, better and keep moving on digital and energy, explains the Minister of Ecoonomie. The vanguard of the euro area needs it, move towards greater solidarity and integration: a common budget, a common debt capacity and fiscal convergence. ”

Macron on a German online

Either pretty much demanded that the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) in a tirbune published Friday in the newspaper Bild. “We need Europe more courage to move forward at different speeds in the cooperation,” writes indeed thereof.

In the same article of the JDD, Emmanuel Macron supports the idea of ​​harmonizing the social systems and the creation of a common UI. It also includes the suggestion of another German minister, Wolfgang Schäuble , in charge of finance, creating a parliament of the euro area.


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