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Concealed work: adjustments have increased tenfold in ten years – Les Echos

EXCLUSIVE – The Urssaf target better and better companies dodging. Total anomalies detected on the contributions reached $ 1.45 billion.

The fight against undeclared work goes one step further. According to the 2014 report published by “Les Echos”, the total amount of adjustments imposed by URSSAF for “clandestine work” amounted to 401 million euros, against 320 million the previous year, an increase of 25%. The increase in ten years is spectacular: the amounts have increased tenfold. The biggest turnaround of 2014 was 30 million euros, and the 100 largest weigh 40% of the final bill on 6,000 sanctioned companies.

L range of concealed employment is wide, diversion of family support to international networks through the lower bounds of hours, and the concealment of activity or employees. The sums recovered mainly come from moonlighting (288 million). The companies that have opted for undeclared work and are made to pinch, must not only pay, but they lose the benefit of more reduced charges to which they were entitled. It retroactively over five years. Appraisal:. 32 million erased state aid

Better cooperation

However, the increase in performance of controls does not mean that corporate morality declines. Targeting Urssaf improves. The controlled corporate recovery rate grew slightly, to 82% against 79% the previous year. With the gradual implementation of registered social statement, the inspectors began to cross the data files from monthly payroll with the data of the previous year. They also share more information with their partners: the Office of fight against illegal work, the Labour Inspectorate, the tax authorities.

Cooperation with the prosecution is less clear, since it depends on the goodwill of each attorney. Finally, regionalization initiated in 2010 by the collection branch of the Social Security (ACOSS) helped beef up the appearance “local investigation” and thus increase efficiency. There always has 200 field investigators, for a total of 1,500 inspectors. It remains an important limitation: the Urssaf are far from actually recover all adjustments, many companies “disappearing” once pinned

put Problems. Software updates

The balance of Urssaf is not limited to the fight against fraud. The network also detected numerous anomalies without intent to defraud. For example, the new reduced charges create a flutter. In 2014, they gave rise to 120 million euros adjustments … versus 60 million in refunds. The problem often comes from payroll software that are outdated or that have been set incorrectly. The Urssaf also ask that the editors do certify by their peers.

In 2014, ACOSS has conducted a total of 1.46 billion euros adjustments, of which 146 million refunds contributors who overpaid. The remaining 1.3 billion adjustments, was up, to regain the level of 2012. The figure seems important, but it represents only 2.3% of total contributions (335 billion).

Stung by a report of the Court of Auditors of autumn 2014, which estimated the potential irregularities in social security contributions between 20 and 25 billion euros, the ACOSS leads his counter investigation. These figures are very overvalued, she considers. The amount mentioned by the Court is equivalent to social contributions of all the reported 3.4 million self-employed, 22 billion. Acoss will not believe that there is 3.4 million illegal immigrants in France. And seeks to assess fraud (see below), through sector inquiries.

Solveig Godeluck

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