Monday, May 25, 2015

Amazon will finally pay his taxes across Europe – Le Figaro

The giant e-commerce, which included sales in Luxembourg, will now report country by country. Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain are the leading countries. Amazon ensures “also work on France.”

Amazon makes sorting in its accounts. The consolidation of all of its European sales within its Luxembourg headquarters in the tax preferences, is ancient history. The American group will now recognize and thus declare its sales by country. German and British media discovered that Sunday this small revolution on their territory. Contacted by Le Figaro , Amazon Europe says the Spanish and Italian markets are also affected by this change, and has been since May 1st. “We also work on France,” said the group, without specifying the deadline.

Trade champion Online claims to work for two years with the opening of these local subsidiaries AMAZON Sarl, its parent company based in Luxembourg. What to please Brussels, which tastes less and less the tax arrangements of multinational European territory. Amazon, Google and Facebook charge indeed not from the countries where they operate, but since their European headquarters based in jurisdictions most generous taxation, such as Luxembourg and Ireland. Either as much income taxes beyond national governments, to their chagrin.

Officially Amazon “reviews its structures regularly to ensure to serve its customers as well as possible.” But this shift comes a few months after the European Commission has declared the launch of a thorough investigation of alleged tax arrangements from 2003 between Luxembourg and Amazon. Indeed, Amazon stores in the Grand Duchy most of its European profits but are paid very little taxes. Brussels fears an “illegal state aid”. Other large groups, like Apple, Starbucks and Fiat, are also covered by similar surveys. Amazon The decision could encourage other multinational companies to revise their fiscal policy.


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