Friday, May 29, 2015

The water cuts are officially banned, even if … – Le Figaro

The Constitutional Council has validated this Friday a total ban on water cuts. The court sentenced several distributors for cutting water for several months to customers.

There will be no more water cuts . The Constitutional Council has validated their complete ban on Friday for primary residences, including at the non-payment of bills. Introduced into French law in 2013, the measure was challenged by the Saur distributor.

The Board held that “interference with freedom of contract and freedom of enterprise which results from the prohibition to interrupt the supply of water is not manifestly disproportionate to the objective pursued by the legislature, “he said in the decision published on its website. Saur company had filed a priority question of constitutionality (QPC) after being sued for a water cut performed on one of its customers in Picardy.

This client, in which the operator had cut off the water for several months, had filed an appeal before the end of 2014 the Amiens Court. The High Court ordered the immediate reinstatement of the water and put the rest of his judgment pending due to the deposition of Saur this priority issue of constitutionality. The Constitutional Council thus finally “dismissed the grievances” of the water dispenser.

Brottes Act of 15 April 2013, of which the implementing decree of 27 February 2014 prohibits any distributor to cut the water supply in a principal residence even if unpaid, and that throughout the year. The same law also established the principle of winter break for electricity and gas for all consumers irrespective of income.

The organization France Libertés welcomed the decision of the Constitutional Council: “The verdict is clear,” she responded in a statement. “This decision is the culmination of a long struggle for the respect of the law and the dignity of the poor.” The association CLCV consumers also welcomed the decision, noting that “the principle of general prohibition of water cuts under Brottes 2013 law complies with the Constitution.”

anla court sentenced several distributors, including Lyonnaise des Eaux (Aisne), Veolia Water (Cher) and public ownership NORÉADE (North), for cutting water for several months to customers with invoices arrears. Last April, in the framework of the law for the energy transition, MEPs restored the general ban water cuts, but gave distributors the opportunity to reduce the rate, as is the case for electricity .


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