Monday, May 25, 2015

Taxes: Amazon back in the saddle under pressure from Brussels –

( – Within the scope of an investigation by the European Commission, Amazon seems to want to cut corners. The online retail giant had started to pay income taxes in Germany for sales in the country, while he was paying before in Luxembourg, considered a tax haven …

Amazon have adopted this new behavior since May 1, said a group spokesman interviewed by the newspaper ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’. In Britain too, Amazon would have revised its fiscal policy, the newspaper added. Via a British subsidiary, it now would pay his taxes.

This change in behavior comes as the European Commission is still investigating tax agreements concluded by Apple, Starbucks, and Amazon Fiat with certain countries EU including Luxembourg. In early May, Brussels has indicated that its investigations would take longer than expected … The findings were expected by the end of the second quarter.

On Amazon, the Commission has already found that the group has found an agreement with Luxembourg to pay less taxes, and that this constitutes illegal state aid …

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