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Crash of the A400M aircraft design is not called in … – Le Parisien

May 30, 2015, 11:43 | Updated: May 30, 2015, 12:33

The design of the A400M military transport aircraft is not called in question occurred by accident in Spain in early May according to the CEO of Airbus.
Illustration. (AFP / Cristina QUICLER.)

According to Fabrice Brégier, CEO of Airbus civil aircraft subsidiary Airbus Group, the fault lies more in testing procedures.

The German daily Handelsblatt Friday evoked a problem in the installation of the engine control software to explain the accident. “Already, it means that the design of the aircraft is not in question,” says the director, in an interview with France Inter and Les Echos iTV broadcast Saturday. “Then he got it, actually, a weakness in the testing procedures before the aircraft flying up because it was the first flight of a production aircraft, a problem that came from the setting implementation of these procedures, “he said, recalling that it was the defense branch of Airbus Group, Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS), which was responsible for the A400M program and therefore the internal investigation.

VIDEO. The CEO of Airbus’ aircraft is less than one accident per 10 million flights “(iTV and Les Echos)

Asked about the possibility an assembly error of the same type occurs on civilian aircraft, the leader emphasizes: “at the group level, every time you pull all the consequences of such an accident, or even an incident” . . “We have not had, in Toulouse, problem over the past 20 years, he adds

A total of 174 A400M aircraft have been ordered by eight countries: Germany, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey and Malaysia. Only twelve are in service today.

A copy of the A400M, for Turkey, crashed in Seville (southern Spain) on 9 May, leaving four dead and two seriously injured.


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