Thursday, May 21, 2015

The new home sales soar in 2015 – L’Express

From January to March, sales of new homes rose 10.4% year on year, or 25,826 units, according to the latest figures released Thursday by the Federation of property developers (FPI). Among them, sales of new homes jumped retail 20% while bulk sales shrank by contrast 23% year on year, and those of housing in residential services fell by 7.7%.

Already in the last quarter of last year, sales of new homes had increased by 12.5%, raising hopes of a recovery in 2015, for a stricken market in recent years. A recovery for now carried by individual investors, from which sales jumped 59.4% while sales to homebuyers regressed by 3.3%, despite continued low interest rates.

The device Pinel temporarily boosts sales

Sales to investors were re-launched in the month of September, with the flexibility introduced in the tax system Pinel (eg -Duflot), recalls the REIT.

“The needs are there, confidence begins to return, the macroeconomic environment is more favorable,” the President of the REIT François Payelle, but the investors to restart sales is “only the first stage of the rocket. ” However, “to consolidate the beginning of the recovery,” must are added “the other two floors,” the homeownership, and launch new projects “sufficient, finally to meet demand. ”

In turn, housing sales increased 6.5% in the first quarter year on year, to involve 20,969 homes, against 19,683 in the same period a year earlier. They remain, however, well below the level of the years 2011-2012 (about 28,000), which “reflects the sharp slowdown in construction observed in 2014,” the REIT.

housing sales prices remained virtually stable (-0.6%) 3945 euros per m2 on average in France , in the first three months of the year with very disparate developments conurbation to another. They increased by 7.6% and 7.1% in Montpellier Rennes, while they fell by 14.5% in Caen and 13.5% in Arcachon.


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