Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Debt: Greece scraped his last drawer bottoms – Le Figaro

Athens will pay the IMF on June 5 But the price of samples into the cash retirement homes.

After several days of warning to impending cessation payment, the Greek government announced it found the 302.5 million euros, it must pay the IMF in a week, June 5 However, the suspense is not fully lifted for the following three tranches of June (1.7 billion in total). The government of Alexis Tsipras has indeed repeatedly to choose, he will prefer to ensure the payment of salaries and pensions of civil servants rather than repay the IMF. And he’s really trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel, the price of new sacrifices.

“This is the racket!” Gets carried away Mihalis Giannakos, President of the Hellenic Federation of hospital staff. “The nursing homes are on the brink and retirees are plunder, while their pensions have been reduced by one third in four years,” he adds. It refers to a law adopted in 2011, which provides for payment of 40% of each pension for maintenance and operation of facilities. But in April, the government imposed Tsipras, by order, all cash reserves of public bodies, universities, municipalities and regions, are paid directly to the Bank of Greece to settle international creditors and salaries and pensions of civil servants. “Ultimately, we fly 40% of certain pensions to pay back the officials, it is a shame. Because of the crisis, nursing homes suffer from a severe shortage of basic medical equipment ,: drugs, syringes and even cotton. There is no heating in winter or air conditioning in the summer … “adds -. It

Obviously, anger is growing among the population. Desperate, Chrysanthi Lourantou withdrew her father at the institution where he resided there are still two days. If the façade holds up, the inside is rather disturbing. The hallways are dirty, dilapidated walls, a light bulb three is not replaced, the light is dim. In bedrooms and bathrooms, one denotes no frills, Spartan rooms are invaded by dust. This atmosphere has pushed this uninviting English teacher 45 years to take the lead. His father certainly need medical infrastructure, but prefers find external solutions. “The retirement home asking me every week to bring sheets, food or mineral water because the facility no longer has the means to ensure the lives of its residents. Lack of staff is cruel, my father fell from his bed there three weeks he remained all night on the floor screaming, without someone to come help him up as the night guard was overwhelmed, “said t it. Today, it is won by the sadness of seeing the state of the retirement home, a reflection in his eyes the situation of the country, already bankrupt. “The downward spiral did not stop to retirees. Crèches also close their doors because they are no longer with hygiene and safety standards to function properly, it is shameful! But the government does not seem to be moved to see pensioners and babies adrift. “

In these circumstances, the Government of credibility gap is widening day by day. Paradoxically, the Greeks, anxious to end the dogma of austerity continue, nevertheless, to support the work of predominantly Alexis Tsipras, without illusions. They are just as likely to withdraw their money from banks. While capital flight slowed, she goes again. Several banking sources, 300 million euros are removed every day. In the month of April, € 5 billion went out the banks, against 1.9 billion in March. More uncertainty continues, the more the Greeks know it will be difficult to head out of the water.


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