Saturday, May 23, 2015

Plans Agirc-Arrco shock .. The tracks of employers to save … –

The employers cordoned new proposals on supplementary pension schemes AGIRC-ARRCO before the negotiating session scheduled for Wednesday: final discount on pensions for departures before 67 years later reversions and end of the fund managers.

Friday, May 2 Revealed by L’Opinion, this list of drastic measures to bail out Agirc-Arrco made by the MEDEF, CGPME and UPA should be transmitted in the day to unions , the newspaper said.

The social partners have until June to reach an agreement. The Agirc (fund managers) and Arrco (that of all private sector employees) are in serious financial difficulties.

Employers’ organizations provide emergency measures aimed 2.3 billion euros of annual savings in 2017, 8.3 billion in 2020, 12.2 billion in 2030 and 17.1 billion in 2040, according to the document.

Balance from 2020

The objective? Reduce to zero by 2020, the differential between contributions collected and pensions, and keep this balance, the newspaper said.

First Solution “rebalancing”, employees are strongly encouraged to retire at 67 years. Those who liquidate their retirement before that age will undergo final reductions: 22% if they leave at 62, 17% at 63 years, 12% to 64, 8% to 65, 4 to 66%

These measures will apply from the generation born in 1957 to pensions taken from 1 January 2017.

will be exempt beneficiaries of pension schemes “long careers”, ” arduous “,” asbestos “,” disabled workers “and” caregivers “.

Current pensioners will also be involved. Their purchasing power will decline as the result of a lower revaluation of pensions by 1.5 points to inflation, up to but lower pension levels.

Survivors’ pensions

The amounts allocated to social action turned back for their 2% per year.

The reversionary pension paid to widows and widowers will not be allowed from 55 years but 60 years and in proportion to the years of marriage.

The employers project involves the creation of a “unified Joint supplementary pension scheme” in January 2019, which would mean the disappearance of the fund managers, including Reserves could end soon dry in 2018 if no action is taken.

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