Saturday, May 30, 2015

Expenditures at the head of INA: Agnès Saal against attack – BBC

The Anticor Association said it had filed a complaint against X after the revelations on taxi fares from the former President of INA, Agnès Saal. It was defended by his lawyer, who in particular pointed to the higher expenses of its predecessor Mathieu Gallet.

The combination of the finger tip “multiple offenses affecting public probity.” Anticor Friday filed a complaint with the prosecutor of Créteil after revelations on taxi charges that forced Agnès Saal to leave the presidency of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) and expenditure under President Mathieu Gallet. The association denounced alleged acts of “misappropriation of public funds” for Agnès Saal and “favoritism” on his predecessor.

Agnès Saal has resigned last month after Le Figaro was revealed that she had spent nearly 41,000 euros in taxis notes in ten months, several thousands euros for his son. According to his lawyers, the former CEO of INA repaid 15,940 euros for travel expenses, including 6,700 euros in “expenses attributable to his son” and 5840 euros “private nature of displacement.” They also argue that all the taxi fares “are less than the amount of the means that were offered to him,” namely a second driver, whose “annual cost would have been EUR 62,000″, excluding costs related to the use of the car. By combining mission expenses, travel and reception, the lawyers say, according to their calculations, Mathieu Gallet spending more Agnès Saal when he presided INA.

For its predecessor would not remains. According to the Canard chained , he would have been accused of “irregularities” by the Economic and Financial Control, which depends Bercy. These concern a number of public contracts awarded between 2010 and 2014 with consulting firms, without any call for competition. All this would cover more than one million euros. These markets include particular contracts with OpinionWay Tags and societies, for a total of nearly 250,000 euros. Now Tags is chaired by Denis Pingaud which is none other than the current communication advisor Mathieu Gallet at Radio France. The latter was also vice president of OpinionWay when signing contracts with the INA. Already challenged by a historic strike at Radio France, the applicant denied the reports and evokes a “conspiracy” against him.

“For an institution funded largely by the taxpayer, there a total casually or even more on the management of public money at a time when the state must be exemplary, “said Jerome Karsenti, lawyer of the association that fights against corruption. The latter also concerned that the Ministry of Culture did not take the floor as a result of these revelations. “It is clear that there is a certain acceptance of the institutions to say that financial mismanagement is tolerable,” lamented the lawyer. “It makes a complaint to alert utilities of their responsibility.”

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