Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ride: Drivy to conquer Europe – Obs

Renault, Peugeot and Fiat others of this world are they afraid of Drivy? The question may seem incongruous, when comparing the strength of hitting automakers globalized … the little tricolor internet company car rental between individuals. Yet the avowed purpose of Paulin Dementhon, founder and patron of this collaborative platform, is not as competitive with traditional rental companies such as Avis or Europcar … than to convince the residents of the cities to reach without a car, renting – in case of specific need – that of their neighboring district

A real cultural change, favoring the use rather than the

That speaks to a growing number of consumers. , young and old, French and foreign. Drivy and walking in the footsteps of BlaBlaCar (carpooling) or Airbnb (private accommodation), bringing his stone to the sharing economy. And rolling!

Drivy had it two months ago, swallowed its French competitors and Buzzcar Livop … The start-up, set in a bright loft of 11 th district Parisian pressed again the accelerator, today announced the acquisition of Autonetzer, n ° 1 renting between people in Germany, strong 100,000 members and 10,000 affiliated vehicles.

Drivy is now first in France and Germany, with a total of 600,000 members and a fleet of 38,000 vehicles, “explains Paulin Dementhon.

Why Germany?” We decided to start our internationalization by country, because it is one of the most advanced European markets on mobility, with a clever combination of bicycle use, public transport and car sharing, “says the entrepreneur. German manufacturers Daimler with car2go (29 cities, 1 million members) and BMW with DriveNow (8 cities, over 400,000 users) have indeed been the first to understand that their job was not only to build cars … but also to propose sustainable mobility services.

Drivy has opened an office in Berlin last November. But he gains valuable time in rallying, suddenly, customers of its main local competitor. Autonetzer, which started in 2010 in Stuttgart, acknowledged that Drivy had created a marketplace that worked better than his, because it has a better ratio between the number of cars available and the number of users.

“Our customers are in good hands,” said Sebastian Ballweg, founder and CEO of Autonetzer who joined the Strategic Committee of the French company. “Through its resources and expertise, will be able to hoist the Drivy car rental between individuals at the top level in Germany,” he says. The start-up aims to present in 2016 to double the number of its users in Germany.

But it is only the first step in the international blietzkrieg of Drivy.

The company, backed by venture capital funds and industrial investors, intends to build on the € 8 million, raised early April to continue its offensive in Europe

We will open our service in Spain in July, and still further countries by the end of the year, “said Dementhon.

Italy, Britain or the Netherlands? The choice is not yet finalized . The other strategic axis Drivy is to invest heavily to improve the experience of users of its services: research and taking the vehicle hand hotline in case of problems, risk coverage through the insurance partner Allianz .. .

“last week was inaugurated the complete dematerialisation of the lease. Everything can now be done on a smartphone, “says CEO, convinced that his best marketing weapon is a fluid service and quality.

To read the enthusiastic testimonials of users on its website, it is on track …

Dominique Nora


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