Friday, May 29, 2015

Ina: a complaint from Anticor aims Gallet and Saal – Le Figaro

The Anticor association, specialized in the fight against corruption, filed a complaint against taxi expenses of the former CEO of INA, Agnès Saal, and contracts awarded by Mathieu Gallet, current boss of Radio France, to time he chaired the Institute, do we learned from the lawyer of the association.

The advanced combination of “multiple violations related to public integrity,” the details of the complaint, consulted by AFP and also revealed by France Inter and France Info.

Named to head the INA in 2014, Agnès Saal was forced to resign in late April after being pinned for spending more than 40,000 euros taxis in ten months, including 6,700 euros by his son who had its reservation code at the G7 company. “It is not disputed, in this case, that Agnès Saal used for personal purposes partly taxi she commanded and paid with public money from INA,” said the association in its complaint.

Agnès Saal had been appointed to replace Mathieu Gallet, appointed head of Radio France, and also covered by Anticor for contracts under his chairmanship of the National Audiovisual Institute from 2010 2014.

The association is based on an article published in the Canard chained early May that a Ministry of Economy of the service found “irregularities” in a number of public contracts awarded without competitive bidding and covering more than a million euros with consulting firms.

These markets include particular contracts signed with companies OpinionWay and Tags, for a total of nearly 250,000 euros. Now Tags is chaired by Denis Pingaud current communications consultant Mathieu Gallet at Radio France. And Mr. Pingaud was Vice President OpinionWay when signing contracts with the INA.

Anticor also concerned that the Ministry of Culture did not take the floor after these revelations. “Institutions It shows that he has a certain acceptance for that financial mismanagement is tolerable,” lamented Mr. Karsenti, lawyer of the association. “It makes a complaint to alert public service responsibility”


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