Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Red Cross pinned on working time – The World

The Red Cross has committed 3,800 violations of the legislation on working time in 2014 in its Paris headquarters, according to a report by the labor inspectorate revealed Sunday, May 31 Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France . The report “206 pages” denounces the excessive working hours of 480 employees in the Paris office of the association (14 th district), whose employment contract provides 37 Weekly hours for non-executives, the newspaper said.

Of the 3,800 offenses recorded in 2014, “approximately 3,300 relate to higher working hours to ten hours” others relate to “overruns the maximum weekly” (48 hours according to the law), the newspaper reported. Labour inspectors also note a “deprivation of minimum daily rest” eleven hours between two working periods. These offenses are punishable by 750 euros each by the labor code, which is a fine of more than EUR 2.8 million. Including the remuneration payable to employees and their compensation for the damage suffered, the bill could reach 11 million for the Red Cross, according to Le Parisien .

Asked by the daily, the CFE-CGC representative, majority union, Eric Laurent ensures that “that makes sixteen months that we alert management on overtime related abuses” . “We are not dealing with an understaffing problem, we are faced with a total lack of organization of work” , says the union, citing “recurrent demands last minute application rework, unnecessary work. People are exhausted. Some start at 7 am and end at 8:00 p.m. “.

The Red Cross has defended Sunday the accusations, assuring that this is related to its mission, ” save lives, “. The French Red Cross (CRF) “is unfortunately confronted for many years” to the overtime issue, recognizes the organization in a statement. “In terms of emergency and first aid, disaster response in France and abroad, our missions require great mobilization and availability of our staff and volunteers, whatever the time of day or night “ and ” unfortunately, does not prevent emergency. “ But ” in no case there will “ ” prejudice “ to employees, ” which perform considerable work every day “ says the FIU.

” Far from confusing employed and volunteer, “, the FIU works ” to find solutions, “ to ” both to continue to undertake the tasks for which people need us, while protecting our employees “, she assures, citing a “appointment with the Department of Labor to provide effective and sustainable responses to the question” .


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