Saturday, May 30, 2015

Google leaves Google+ Photos and major changes – Le Figaro

Google on Thursday unveiled a new version of Google Images, which became an independent service of the social network Google+.

Google multiplied ads Thursday opening of its Google I / O conference. One of the biggest changes is the new application Google Photos, already available on Android, iOS and from any browser on a computer.

The picture was one of the highlights of Google+ , the social network Google has never managed to compete with Facebook. Today it gained independence. On the Internet, it can be accessed without going through Google+, via address And on smartphones, the Photos app, which was mainly used to store and view photographs, received a packed news update.

As was the case when he was attached to Google+ The service is free and allows you to store photos and videos unlimitedly. Google compresses files so they do not exceed a resolution of 2048 pixels and 1080p video quality. For those who want their pictures are not altered, it will pay at the rate of $ 10 per terabyte.

Two major functions appeared in the new version of Google Photos: collections and the wizard. First observation by visiting Collections: Photos Google has worked for you. The application has achieved “Stories” by itself depending on content, geolocation, and when the photo was taken. No need to find a title, the app is is already loaded. Thus, some pictures taken in the Belgian capital are transformed into a history called “My Wednesday morning in pictures – Brussels and Schaerbeek.” Animations between pictures and frames and even filters have been added by Google.

The wizard is the other pillar of the new Google Photos. It allows to combine several pictures to create stories, animations, montages, or simple albums. The wizard can also create small movies from a selection of photos, which you can add filters, various transition effects and music (a sound bank is integrated). Also in this regard to facilitate the task of the user, the app suggests a montage. We can accept it or redo everything yourself. By transforming film a series of photographs taken in the corridors of Le Figaro Google Photos proposes a retro filter accompanied by classical music.

Google Photo organizes, edits, shares and stores (cloud) snapshots. That’s it. ‘Users can make their public images by generating a link visible only by those who possess it, as Google Drive, or by sharing their stories and collections on other social networks. But there is no Google Photo statements as there are on Facebook or Google+ accounts. This is not a large social network of the photo, nor a direct competitor Instagram and its 300 million users.


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