Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LVMH wants to buy the “Parisien” – Les Echos

The group of Bernard Arnault, owner of the “voices”, entered into exclusive negotiations with Amaury.

Do not leave spinning the train. LVMH, owner of the “voices”, said Tuesday had entered into exclusive negotiations with the family group Amaury to redeem “Le Parisien”. Bernard Arnault proposed to Marie-Odile Amaury resume – for tens of millions of euros -, national and local editions of “Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France,” his printing of Saint-Ouen, its advertising and distribution network.

“It is important to support the sector concentration movement, emphasizes Francis Morel, CEO of the group” Les Echos “. In the digital age, it can not be an isolated actor. We had to move, although we found the balance … By nature, equilibrium is an unstable state, “ smiled one who should take the lead in the new entity.

A large media group

In recent years, two major poles of written content (related to telecom) settled in France: the first around the trio BNP (Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse), which is currently associate “Le Monde” and “Obs”. The second round Patrick Drahi, Altice home, where we will soon be reunited “Liberation” and “L’Express”. They will soon no longer duopoly. Together, “Les Echos” and “Le Parisien” can play in the same league as the two new players. A combination of “Gen Info” newspaper and “Economic Journal” would display a mailing France paid about 500,000 copies, 12 million digital readers. And a combined turnover of about 340 million.

“The two versions are very different, they remain distinct from the editorial point of view, it goes without saying” says Francis Morel, who of “real common strategies” may, however, be adopted – at advertising agencies and digital development. Printing hand, if the rotating “Parisian” are indeed part of the “deal”, should be closed by the end of the year.

No moving

For “Les Echos”, is a new stage. Bought by LVMH in 2007, the title went his way during the crisis – before you return to profit last year, driven by a diffusion increasing. Today, LVMH seems to regain its initial ambition, the creation of a large media group. “This proves that our shareholders believe in the press. Our stock has regained balance, but it was important to speed up “, explained Francis Morel reporters of the” voices “on the occasion of a general meeting Tuesday.

In Saint-Ouen, the historical seat of “Parisian”, employees were gathered in late afternoon. Philippe Carli, CEO of the Amaury group, told them that the proposed LVMH – a “ unique chance” to the title, he said – had fallen “early May “ that she had been accepted ” because of the complementarities and the absence of social impact “. For now, the teams of “Parisian” have a lease in Saint-Ouen until the end of 2017, the remaining land in the hands of Amaury. The latter was advised by Rothschild & amp; Company.

Amaury will dedicate to sport

The most popular Parisian dailies experienced lately some difficulties . In 2014, France paid its dissemination has dropped by 8% to 229,638 copies daily (against 290,785 in 2010), according to OJD. That of “Today in France” also won by 8% to 148,220 copies. But the title, after several savings plans, should board in green in 2015. “Frankly, they achieved a lot of work since 2010″ , emphasizes Francis Morel.

At the time, the latter, then the “Figaro” had wanted to buy “Le Parisien”. “The situation of the newspaper was not at all the same,” , he said today. Now, Amaury therefore fully dedicated to sport (read below), with Amaury Sport Organisation and “L’Equipe”. This is great: Philippe Carli has spent the last six months in the sports writing. The best of all possible training.


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