Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sepp Blatter “does not dance in his office but he has confidence” (FIFA) – The

One hundred journalists from around the world at a press conference organized by FIFA in Zurich, Wednesday, May 27 at 11 am. Walter de Gregorio, head of communication, faced the media only reports the Swiss newspaper The Times , Thursday, May 28

According to the communicant, Fifa “totally ignored” what would happen. “If I had known, I would have gone to bed early last night,” , he quipped. “Sepp Blatter and General Secretary are not concerned by this procedure” , also emphasizes this former journalist, according to FIFA since 2011.

During this thirty Conference minutes, most of the questions were targeted Sepp Blatter, the newspaper said. And call: how the president may still remain at the head of FIFA “It remains relaxed because he knows he is not involved [..] If elected (election?. to chair the proceedings is held Friday, May 28, ed), it will honor its new four-year term. He does not dance in his office. But he has confidence. “

“Sepp Blatter must abandon his position as president”

On the side of the English Football Association (FA), re-election is not possible. The President of the FA, Greg Dyke, has called his counterpart Thursday, May 28 FIFA Sepp Blatter, a candidate for a fifth term as head of the organization, to leave office.

“Sepp Blatter must abandon his position as president” said Greg Dyke to the news agency Press Association. It is not “can restore confidence in Fifa if Sepp Blatter is still there” , he further added.

Sponsors demanding accountability

Nike has subsequently issued a communiqué in which the American sports equipment manufacturer says “concerned about the very serious accusations” announced Wednesday against senior officials of FIFA. “Nike believes in ethical and fair play in business as in sport and strongly opposes any form of manipulation or corruption. We are cooperating and will continue to cooperate with the authorities.”

His German rival Adidas and Coca-Cola, both partners of FIFA, invited the institution to rise more transparency and resolve this crisis.

Coca Cola considers in particular that “this long controversy has tarnished the mission and ideals of the World Cup of FIFA and we have repeatedly expressed our concerns about these serious charges.”

Nine leaders indicted

As a reminder, nine current or former elected Fifa and five global body of football partners were charged with corruption, racketeering and money laundering in New York, accused have received or distributed more than 150 million since 1991 for international tournaments broadcast rights.

Among the Executive Officers include Jeffrey Webb (Cayman Islands), Eugenio Figueredo (Uruguay), both Members of the Executive Committee, and Jack Warner (Trinidad and Tobago), a former member of the executive committee.


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