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The PSA Group over a million sales in Europe with growth of 7.4% – Zonebourse.com

Regulatory News:

PSA (Paris: UG):

In Europe, increased Group sales by 7 4% compared to the 1 st half of 2015, to 1.056 million units.

sales Peugeot up 7.9% to 601,000 units, particularly supported by 2008 (+ 16% and 99,900 sales) and Partner (+ 8% and 62,800 sales) who occupy the second place in their respective segment in Europe. The 208 and 308 continue to rise: 208 (+ 15% and 157,800 sales) and 308 (+ 10% and 119,200 sales). The results of the brand are particularly notable in Italy (+ 17.4%), Spain (+ 12.5%) and the Netherlands (+ 8.8%). This excellent performance will be sustained in the second half with several new products: the new SUV Peugeot 2008 and 3008, and the new Peugeot Expert and Traveller.

With 414,000 units, CITROËN registered a record level of sales for 5 years, with growth of 7.2%. A dynamic range by including C4 Picasso MPV leader in Europe, but also by Cactus C4 and C1 that show growing sales. As for VUL, the Berlingo also confirms its success as the leader in its segment. These performances allow the brand to gain ground in major markets (Great Britain, Spain and Germany). This momentum will accelerate in the second half, thanks to the New C4 Picasso, Jumpy New, SpaceTourer and New C3, which will replace the best seller of the brand in the fall.

The mark DS rose 0.7% to 40,900 units. With the launch of the new DS 3 and DS 3 New Cabrio in March, DS now has a completely renewed range. To note, the success of DS and DS 4 4 Crossback and the strong power of seduction of the latter representing 28% of sales of this duo of premium compact. The brand continues to expand its sales network with 21 DS and 86 DS STORES FAIRS in Europe at end June

In China and Southeast Asia, in a changing market, sales PSA Group recorded a decline of 19.4% , to 297 000 units.

After arriving late April sedan DS 4S, the Group is preparing a sales offensive in the second half, which will continue with the launch of 5 SUV by 2018.

mark Peugeot , in the Upper Blue plan foresees the launch of 18 new models in China by 2020, and the renewal of two of the three bestselling Peugeot on the world market, the 308 Sedan and 3008 by the end of the year.

On the brand side CITROËN the success of the C3-XR SUV is confirmed with an evolution in sales of 35%. In the second half CITROËN will launch the New C6 and C4 L.

To support the growth of the SUV segment in this market, the PSA Group will launch in September 2016 a new plant in Chengdu. Note that the Group already produces at its site in Shenzhen, the DS 6 SUV model Brand Sales Leader DS in China.

In the region Middle East and Africa, on the 1 st half, the PSA Group has faced unfavorable economic conditions: stop then limited by quotas of imports in Algeria and restrictions to access foreign currency in some countries (Egypt, Tunisia). This severely constrains the Group’s sales in the region (- 13.3%).

The Group has implemented the conditions of his return to Iran with the signing of a joint venture with Iran Khodro in June, historic partner brand Peugeot and brand DS was launched in Iran earlier this year in cooperation with a private investor.

In Latin America, the PSA Group strengthened its positions, with 88,800 sales with growth of 16.4% in a market down 8.2%. It reached such a historic market share of over 7% in Chile.

Peugeot posted a sales growth of 26%, with excellent performance in Argentina (+ 45%), Chile (+ 38%) and Brazil (+ 2%) in a market down sharply (- 25%). The brand capitalizes including its latest launches, new 2008 and 208.

CITROËN maintained its positions over the period with notable growth in Argentina (+ 29%) and Chile ( + 55%). After a successful launch in Brazil, the new CITROËN C3 Aircross is now marketed in Argentina and contribute to the good performance of the brand.

In Eurasia , despite a highly deteriorated economic environment and a falling market including Russia (- 14.7%), PSA Group saw sales stabilize (- 0 1%) and continues to focus on profitability.

On the region India and the Pacific, the PSA Group is supported by the Japanese market, which represents 49% of its sales in the area. The launch of the CITROËN C4 Cactus and diesel engines in Japan will be major assets to strengthen the Group’s positions in the region.

Maxime Picat , CEO of the brand PEUGEOT: “ Peugeot this year launched a global offensive on the SUV market with five new vehicles. Renewing Peugeot 2008 and 3008 came at a time when the performance of the brand in these segments instead already on the podium of the European market. This offer is completed in China a major evolution of the current 3008 which will be supported by two new SUV in the coming months. This offensive will accelerate the growth of our global sales, which was 0.5% in the first half. “

Linda Jackson , CEO of the Citroën Brand: ” Citroen on course by consolidating its global sales volumes to more than 600 000 units mid-year. While maintaining a very satisfactory level of pricing, we reached a record level of sales in Europe for 5 years, regain ground in Latin America and exceed our goals with the C3-XR SUV in China. This dynamic is based on our product offensive which accelerated to 2 n half, particularly with the New C4 Picasso MPV European leader, but also with New C3 will replace our bestseller. “

Yves Bonnefont , General Manager Brand DS:” With the launch of the new DS 3 in the spring, the DS range has been completely renewed within 12 months in accordance with the brand launch strategy. The brand E-TENSE DS revealed earlier this year. This unique car, equipped with a high performance electric powertrain, embodies the future of the brand and gives now this reading of the keys that will be our future models. Finally, the construction of DS dedicated network is running with 234 sites worldwide. A network involved to offer a unique and personalized customer experience, to know everything, I’ll meet you at the Paris. “

About PSA

With three world-renowned brands, Peugeot Citroën DS and the PSA Group sold 3,000,000 vehicles worldwide in 2015. Second European carmaker, it achieved a turnover of EUR 54 billion in 2015. it has established itself as the European leader in terms of CO 2 with an average of 104.4 grams of CO 2 / km in 2015. with a fleet of 1.8 million vehicles connected world, it is pointed on this subject and is also positioned as mobility provider. Its activities also extend to financing (Banque PSA Finance) and automotive equipment (Faurecia). For more information, go to groupe-psa.com/fr

Sales Global Consolidated by Regions *
units S1 2015 S1 2016 % var
China and South East Asia Peugeot 207,512 162 593 -21.6%
Citroën 149,784 125,174 -16.4%
DS 10774 8740 -18.9%
SPA 368 070 296 507 -19.4%
Eurasia Peugeot 2816 2713 -3.7%
Citroën 2299 2390 4.0%
DS 41 50 22.0%
SPA 5156 5153 -0.1%
Europe Peugeot 557,187 601,313 7.9%
Citroën 385,703 413,620 7.2%
DS 40,654 40,942 0.7%
SPA 983,544 1,055,875 7.4%
India-Pacific Peugeot 10,438 7983 -23.5%
Citroën 2022 1670 -17.4%
DS 524 805 53.6%
PSA 12984 10458 -19.5 %
Latin America Peugeot 46,985 59,351 26.3%
Citroën 28,635 28,994 1.3%
DS 659 446 -32.3%
SPA 76279 88791 16.4%
Middle East and Africa Peugeot 61,700 57,382 -7.0%
Citroën 38,360 29,115 -24.1%
DS 796 923 16.0%
SPA 100 856 87420 -13.3%
Total Peugeot 886,638 891,335 0.5%
Citroën 606,803 600,963 -1.0%
DS 53,448 51,906 -2.9%
SPA 1,546,889 1,544,204 -0.2%
* y including elements Detached

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