Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pokemon Go: the hunt is on in France! – Point

This is the end of a long wait for some. The application Pokémon Go is officially available in France since Sunday morning, on the iOS and Android platforms

Our close. The madness Pokémon Go

. Niantic his publisher announced on Facebook and Twitter. “We are proud to announce that Pokémon Go is officially available for download in France. “At midday, the application was already in the ranking of the most downloaded from the AppStore.

The launch of the game, originally scheduled for July 15 was postponed twice. The game is with his smartphone, capturing Pokémon – Pikatchu and other virtual monsters – scattered around in the real world. The application was a phenomenal success, welcome to Nintendo, and triggered a global hysteria.

But patience is the mother of all virtues, in some downloading the application was a first bug. Resolved quickly, it seems.

Many people expressed their joy on social networks. Others were more nuanced, as the Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, which gave birth to one of these little polemics Twitter loves so much.

But how it works ? The Pokémon Go application is based on a principle hitherto little exploited in the gaming world: Augmented reality that makes possible the emergence of a virtual model to our reality and in real time. The free mobile game available on iOS and Android, uses GPS and your phone’s camera to project Pokémon to randomly screen. The goal ? All catch them. But it is not enough to chase them, then it will draw the …

The good breeze can quickly turn into a public danger. No need to stay glued to his phone to chase corny. A quick glance is enough. Of course, but the gendarmerie remind you: always look ahead and do not try to play Pokemon Go on the road



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