Wednesday, July 27, 2016

After the fall of iPhone sales, Apple seeks new growth drivers –

The US computer group has elapsed 40.40 million units its flagship device the three months ended in late June, the third quarter of fiscal offset. This is 15% lower than a year earlier, and the second consecutive quarter of decline, according to the quarterly results published on Tuesday 26 July.

The average sales price also fell, a sign analysts that consumers prefer less top models of the apple brand, as the smallest and cheapest iPhone SE group whose boss, Tim Cook, has also praised the “very successful launch ” end of March. Result:. Quarterly net income plunged 27% to $ 7.8 billion and 15% turnover to 42.4 billion

The iPhone is also not the one device for Apple to show signs of weakness. Quarterly sales of the iPad tablet are also down 9% year on year to 9.95 million units, and those of Mac computers by 11% to 4.25 million.

Neil Saunders the Conlumino research company, these widespread declines are “an enterprise features, while still having a lot of success, simply lost the advantage that once persuaded consumers to continuously renew their devices to other more expensive “.

” If he wants to return to stellar growth, Apple needs to be a radical change in its line of existing products, or out a completely new device that creates a whole new market, “he added, citing” emerging technology opportunities –as the virtuelle– reality where Apple could be the forefront of developments. “

Cap to augmented reality and the car?

” augmented reality can be something big, “he also assured Tim Cook analysts Tuesday, stating that Apple are invested “a lot”.

“We think there are things great for consumers and a very good business opportunity, “he explained, noting that the most important aspect was to ensure that the brand products with apple work well with other developers,” This is why you see so many iPhone in nature currently chasing Pokémon “.

Tim Cook also made nature of comments to fuel recurrent speculation about a project in the automotive industry (” Titan “) by returning to the investment of a billion realized in the spring in Chinese society Didi, rival American service car reservation with Uber driver.

“It was an unusual investment” for Apple , he acknowledged. He mentioned “a very good financial investment,” but also noted: “We believe there are strategic things that the two companies can do together over time”

Meanwhile, Apple has recently released one true novelty: his watch connected Apple watch last year

<. p> He has never disclosed sales figures, but research firm IDC estimated that they had plunged 55% in the quarter ended in late June, and the division to which the device is integrated saw revenues decrease of 16% year on year.

If nothing else, the direction of Apple therefore boasts many recent months his services as Apple Pay (payments) or Apple music, its online music offering has just announced Tuesday it had commissioned a series of 16 episodes based on the popular CBS program “Carpool Karaoke” where celebrities ranging from Adele to sing Michelle Obama in a vehicle driving on.

Apple may indeed welcome a growth of 19% this quarter in services. With only $ 6 billion in revenue, it is still too little to offset the decline of the rest.

The action Apple gained nearly 7% still to 11:10 p.m. GMT in electronic trading after the close of Wall Street. Investors applauded the fact that the main financial results are above expectations of analysts.

Earnings per share, which is the benchmark in the US, notably exceeded their average forecast of 4 cents to 1 42 dollar

and the forecast revenue for the current quarter is more optimistic than expected. Apple is 45.5 to 47 5 billion, when analysts expected date on the bottom of that range.

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