Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SFR reduce by one third its workforce by 2019 – Le Figaro

Management of SFR announced this Wednesday in union organization want to remove 5,000 positions within three years. The operator could bring to 10,000 the number of its employees by 2019.

Coup club in the telecom world. The management of SFR announced to unions that it plans to reduce its workforce by one third from the end of its commitments on employment in 2017, are we learned Wednesday from union sources. That already led to fear certain statements of Michel Paulin, CEO of SFR, in June.

The telecoms operator Altice acquired by the end of 2014, could well bring to 10,000 the number of its employees eliminating 5,000 positions by 2019, the sources said. “the Director of human resources announced Tuesday that SFR planned 5000 horizon to job cuts in 2017,” said one source adding that the announcement had been place during a meeting on the reorganization of distribution for the operator. Another source said that the direction of the number two telecom had agreed that the staffing level does not fall below the threshold of 10,000 by 2019, against 15,000 today.

A spokesman for SFR declined to comment on the figure put forward by trade union sources. “SFR is a commitment on jobs until 2017 that we will respect,” he has said. “We have working meetings with the unions for several months to prepare the necessary reorganization of SFR” Has -he added refuting the existence of a social plan.


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